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I Want A Jeep Tb!


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Sometimes I hold TB for weeks because I found very small containers or the cache is very easy to be muggled (too dangerous for a TB).


Look at the geoccher stats page for see if they are holding more Travel Bugs.


Wait a week more, the send him an e-mail asking for it.

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I've got a YELLOW jeep tb. I'm going to place it next weekend. Unfortunately, in my cache where I'm going to place it, 70% of the cachers who have tried, have been sucked bloodless by either the ticks or the mosquitoes I've hired to guard the cache from muggles. That seems to be the way with the jeeps or geocoins - - if they're left in relatively easy caches, they disappear into oblivion by the "collectors" among us. At least if this jeep disappears into a collection, my hired guns won't go hungry. Sad, isn't it? :blink:

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You can search caches for White Jeeps by looking for the White Jeep icon on the list. You will have more chances of picking one up if you look for more than one. They are meant to be picked up, logged and dropped off in a reasonable amount of time. Do no send constant e-mails to one particular cacher pestering for that one particular jeep, or it could be considered a tad annoying and that won't do any good. Check the caches in a 100 miles radius from you for White Jeep TB's and put a watch on any or all of them. Your chances will be greatly improved.

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Thanks for the tips, I haven't E-mailed anyone and wanted to avoid it if I could. I kinda got a hole vacant from caches in my area, but I'm going on a trip next weekend that will get me into some new territory. I'm not real picky about a TB, it would be nice if it was a white jeep, but any hitchhiker will do, the principle of sending an object across the country sounds cool, and I wanted to log a jeep cause it has no real destination that I might screw up by taking it to/from the wrong state. And entering the contest is a good bonus.

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You can search caches for White Jeeps by looking for the White Jeep icon on the list.

Make sure you read the logs, though. Quite often, you will see a WJTB icon in the cache listing, but the logs will clearly indicate that someone has been out looking for it and it wasn't there - to see what I mean, look at the three supposedly closest to here: this one, this one, and this one.

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Yes, I agree. Look at the logs to make sure the TB is not MIA. We went to a cache last week and not only was the YJTB gone, the entire container was missing. We logged a DNF and sure enough, the owner checked on the cache and it was MIA.


If you happen to find a WJTB and put it in a local cache, it doesn't mean a local cacher will find it. Many people drive several miles to find one....including me :D

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I dropped one off 5 days ago and nobody has rushed out to snag it yet. I'm on vacation in Montana. Back home I think it would have been snagged the first day it showed up on the listings.


Anybody in the Bozeman/Belgrade/Three Forks area can head out to the Missouri Headwaters cache and pick it up. :D

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I know, I'm bumping the thread.


4 weeks, WJTB is still in the same hands. I'm still thinking of E-mailing, but I don't think the cacher in question is holding it on purpose. But 4 weeks is a long time to hold on to a well sought after item.


Any thoughts on how not to make an enemy here.

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Being cachers that are guilty of doing this, right now actually. We do feel bad by the way. I can give you our reason why we've been holding ours so long. We have 3 TB's and 1 WJTB. The WJTB we picked up on 8/19/05 and the 3TB's we got on 8/25/05. Since then we had 1 real chance to get out and go caching. That was on 9/3/05, we were going to Lititiz,PA for a Labor day picnic. It's about 1hr and a half or so away from where we live and we forgot to grab our caching bag that had the TB's in it, so there went that chance to get rid of them. Since then we've had no time to go out caching and the little bit that we did do they were either micro's or locationless caches and that's only because they were all within 5 minutes of our house. So our reason is things come up that you don't expect and you just have to put geocaching aside since it's not all that important. But we will get those TB's back out as soon as we can.

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Any thoughts on how not to make an enemy here.

Are you close enough to attend the KTAG3 event? A couple of cachers are planning to bring WJTBs, so you might luck out and be able to pick one of those up. (It's also possible that more WJTBs will show up on the day of the event - I was at a New Hampshire geo-meet a few weeks ago where 22 WJTBs were passed along during the course of the day, and I think only half a dozen or so were listed ahead of time.)


Even if you don't end up with a WJTB, events are just a lot of fun to go to anyways. :unsure:

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