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Where Would You Look For A Cache?


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Two fellow cachers and me were planning travel to London for searching all those urban caches by underground 3 months ago, but our travel agents ask us for more money day by day.


So i had an a quick last-minute decision, and i proposed to travel to Lisboa, it has an hight density of caches.


I hope travel to London next summer, we have to plan our cache holydays more than two months beforehand.

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Yup, I was just going to say, the moon. But I'm not sure if my GPS would work there. It does a good job under heavy tree cover, but the moon might be asking a bit much of it. But if you had a good high gain antenna, do you think the GPS unit would be able to triangulate a position? I guess the result would be in earth coordinates with an elevation of some billion feet.


I bet a good camo container on the moon would look like a rock ;-)

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The first time I traveled to Ireland, I did so in the company of my parents, my sister and her husband, and my (then) five-year old daughter. All of us jammed into one car for a whirlwind tour of the places described in the travel brochures, with not enough time to stop and smell the roses.


The next time I travel to Ireland, I will do so in the company of my daughter (now 11 and an expert geocacher) and hopefully an adult companion who has an interest in Irish history. We'll let the geocaches take us to all the cool spots that the tourists miss.

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