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Mount Mckinley Trackable Geocoins

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SS is the code. We are still working on our custom icon.

What does SS stand for?

Seven Summits



One assumes they will be producing a coin for each of the six other summits:


In other news, I'll soon be starting pre-orders on a "Seven Dwarfs" series as soon as I clear up legal with Disney. The "Dopey" will be minted in pure platinum and limited to only the first ten cachers to post a picture of themselves in a green robe, looking at their GPSr crosseyed. B)

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Just wanted to update everyone.


We have notice the coins are on the way. This took 'waaaay' longer than expected. As such, we have worked to make sure we dont repeat that problem again. They are expected to ship start of next week.


To recap, we are all sold out of the 2005 Mount McKinley Geocoins. We have a waitlist and you can go to the page and see how to join it. Because of a few orders which have canceled, we expect some coins to open up.


That being said, we have a NEW coin for all the GAA members, including myself! You can go to 2005 Mount Everest Geocoin page. We have opened up orders for this coin and expect to ship them next week.


Our goal for the second coin was not to open up orders nor announce it until we had confirmation the coin was on its way. It is now confirmed. We have had the samples for 2 weeks now. The picture on the site is of the sample.


Please let me know if you have questions/concerns.



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Funny how the Mt . Everest coins are arriving in mail boxes before the Mt. McKinley coins . Thought we paid for these a long time ago?

Thank you for saying this. I was sitting here totally confused as far as my payments.


So are the Mt McKinley coins in yet? Could we have an update on them. My paypal receipt shows payment made on 9/24

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I posted this in another thread, but I will post it here as well.


We ordered our First Set of coins from a company which will be un-named. This was done at least 3 weeks before the Second Coin. For some reason, they took way longer than expected.


Going forward, we will not release coins for sale until we have tracking number in hand. That is why we didn’t even bring up the Mt. Everest coin and you are getting them so quick.


As to the Mt McKinley coin, they are being shipped over the next couple of days. A batch just went out in the mail today.

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I have seen the first "Seven Summit" coins in a profil of some geocachers. But I have only seen the penny-icon for this coin.


Does it give a special icon for the "Seven Summit" coins? :D

Yes. It is coming. Sorry for the delay. Our first attempt at doing an Icon to look good wasnt what we were looking for. We want to make sure it works at the size.

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To those who do not like the Silver Coins, please contact me and we will offer a full refund if you want to return the coins.


When talking to the company, they suggested to go with Pewter to make the design stand out more. We paid for Pewter and our confirmation shows that. But, in the end, they sent us the plated versions.


Our goal is Customer Satisfaction.



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