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Browsing through the UK forum i've noticed some pretty cool and unusual nicknames. There are some users that choose to use their real names, but some are very unusual. How and why did you choose these nicknames?


I chose mine quite a few years ago - from the programme Shooting Stars with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer - the name is associated with the game 'The Dove from Above'.


I thought it would be interesting to find out a little more about each others nicknames. <_<

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My name comes from, rather obviously, my love of walking and my first name. Until a couple of years ago I did one long-distance path a year. Now my walking need is satisfied by combining it with geocaching.


My preferred method of caching is to create a circular walk linked to several caches. I have a couple on the geohikes website, with a third to go up soon.

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I first was known as Norfolk Dave & the shadow chasers, because firstly I live in Norfolk and my misses and boy away had to chase my shadow when walking ( I walk fast). But the name was long used to much ink when printing stuff. I was considering changing the name when a big truck went past me with Globetrotter on its cab, so I took the name Globetrotter.uk

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Complete accident. I didn't realise that this would become public as my user name when I set it up.


It's a name I use when setting up test network accounts rather than the usual 'test' and 'user'.


Comes from my initials KB and the band I play in Out Of The Blue.


I thought about changing it but was quite amused at the different ways people pronounce it, and the TB on the end looks like travel bug e.g. kboo TB so it has stayed.


Friends and family call me KB anyway as I hate the name Keith. It is used in comedy programmes for dull characters like the bloke from accounts, or the geek in IT (I'm an IT adviser). I think it sprung from a Mike Leigh play - might have been Nuts in May, that really made it the worst name in the world.


The oddest name thing that has happened recently is on a course I was teaching there were 3 students, and all 3 students had the same name - making 4/4 Keiths. Not the most common name in the world, except in a certain corner of north London.

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I was just 'James W' until my wife started caching, and then I started going out caching with my friends, my Dad, my niece, my brother in law, random people from the pub, etc. etc...


Needed a more communial name to recognise the additional people with me, so 'James W' became Team 'James W' sometime in 2005! Very rarely my wife, Sara, logs under this name but at all other times I'm there with whoever is caching.


Sometimes wish I had somthing more creative and generic but it wouldn't feel right to change it now.


James (& associates!)


PS - Eranu? - Ouvavou! (Sp?)

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Shep (my hubby) is actually 'Shep's Pup', he used to have this on the front of his lorry. His dad was known as Shep, as he used to wear a hat with floppy ears on it that made him look like the Blue Peter dog of the 1970'2, Shep. When hubby was a little lad, he'd go to work with his dad, & was therefore known as Shep's Pup!

Mine is nowhere near as interesting...Seren is Welsh for star with I think is a bit more interesting than my real name, Rachael.

Ive just changed our user name from Shep & Seren to Shep Seren & Tess Dog, as when I originally came on here, we were kind of 'inbetween' dogs. But seeing as Tess Dog always gets a mention, it seemed right that we include her in the name! :ph34r:


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Mine used to be irritating (for me!) as it came from an IT department who allocated logon names.


There was already a 'kevinh' logon account, but instead of making me 'kevinh2' they rechristened me! :blink:


Of course, I lile it now...


But like 'Team 'James W' before me in this thread, I might add 'team' to the front or 'combo' to the end to indicate I usually have assistance when caching. :blink:

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We wanted something that would be descriptive of a rabble gallivanting around the countryside and rummaging in bushes / Shrubberies, and The Knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail sprang to mind, so we became The Knights Who Say Ni.


Besides, I am 12ft tall with an Antlerred fur helmet, honest.

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There was already a 'kevinh' logon account, but instead of making me 'kevinh2' they rechristened me! :lol:

If you worked where I do, I would provide you with an account which has nothing at all to do with your name; this is of course for security reasons. So names like "n67Yth(ttyH£1Mj" are not unusual on my works network. Now I wonder if and cacher has used a random login name creator for there username! I might just do that :D


Milton (aka moote)

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The Knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail sprang to mind, so we became The Knights Who Say Ni.


Besides, I am 12ft tall with an Antlerred fur helmet, honest.

I thought you were also known as the knights who say 'eci eci eci petang!' :D

Yes, and indeed The Knights of an unspellable string of syllables, which could be spelt this way "Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky f'tang-zoop-boing! Goodem-zoo-owli-zhiv" but we thought it best to stick with Ni! :lol:


If we were to be bought a Shrubbery, we might have to rename ourselves though :lol:

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I played a MMORPG for 3.5 years (DAoC) and the first character I made (which still exists) was named Thrak. When I needed a name in a hurry while creating my account I used the name but intended to change it right away. I never did change it though.


The name has nothing to do with King Crimson (I've been asked several times) who apparently has an album with that title. In my case it came from an episode of The Tick. My son was telling me about the dialogue and I just took part of the villain's name.


I just looked it up online and here is the dialogue:


The Tick: I've had enough chasing; it's your turn now, forest-smog!

Thrakkorzog: Thrakkorzog! Thrakkorzog! With a "K"! Boy, are you ever rude.

(Thrakkorzog's Tongue) Eat rude Brains!

The Tick: No brains today; we're only serving humble-pie, Whatchamazog!

Thrakkorzog: Listen buddy, for the last time it's...

The Tick: Four ax in a bog?

Thrakkorzog: Thrakkorzog!

The Tick: Ah, laxitive-log!

Thrakkorzog: No no no!

The Tick: Lap lands a zog?

Thrakkorzog: No!

The Tick: Four yaks and a dog?

Thrakkorzog: Thrak!

The Tick: Sapsuckafrog!

Thrakkorzog: No no no!

The Tick: Susan?

Thrakkorzog: Oh, now you're doing it on purpose; how juvenile!

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My housemate at Uni called me Skippy. Nothing to do with Bush Kangaroos, more to do with a long quote from the Bottom TV series. (Righty dokey matey bloke skip jack jock strap piano tuner). Not sure why it stuck though!


Pingu is so named for her love of penguins after a trip to Antarctica a couple of years ago. About 100 million rolls of film......All of penguins......aaarrggghh!!!

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Nicknames yes I'm going to steal yours so that I am called eranou, is that what nicking a name is about! :(

Why would you want to NICK a perfectly ordinary NAME like mine when you have a superb nick all of your own? <_<

I was only joking eranou, I have been a little drunk this week being that it was my 43rd birthday on Sunday


Forgive my wittering


Milton (aka moote)


P.S. now off to change my age on my profile before you all say that I am younger by one year

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