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Another Meaningless Statistic

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For me it's page 3, 4.3 miles away. Its someone else's cache, but I was there when it was placed, so it will stay there unless it bothers me enough to put on my ignore list.


My first findable one is also on page 3, 5.4 miles away. Not sure why I've never hunted it other than this might be the first time I've ever noticed it. Its been there since April so I guess I should do a search for nearby caches a bit more often. <_<

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Page 1 has several I have not found either because they require too much stealth, are not a decent hike that gets the 'ol heart pumpin', or I just don't want to do for various reasons. The first one being 1.1 miles away. The first one I WANT to do is on page 2, 4.8 miles sway.

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Page 181, 74.5 miles.


Seriously. <_<


I was kinda surprised to find a page at less than 130 miles. I live in one large metro area, and work in another, 110 miles away. And I drive between the two once every week or two. There are 3 possible routes I can take, and I've pretty much cleared a 1 mile swath along each path. But apparently there is a band at 74.5 to 74.7 miles that I haven't found a cache yet. I just mapped them and I'm gonna change that next week :lol:

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Page one! :lol: Really! I always search with "& f=1" after my zip (it's bookmarked) so I don't see the ones I have found or own. <_<


But to answer your question the way it was meant (I think) it's still page one. There's a puzzle I have no idea how to solve only .4 miles away from work :lol::lol: which is the zip I usually search from.

After that is page four with another puzzle, and some that just got put out in the past ten days.

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Wait a minute...this is a different meaningless statistic than the standard "first unfound cache".


I'm asking about the first page of caches where you have found NONE of the 20 listed.

oh, glad you clearified that.

I checked and its page 27, which is the 71.8 to 72.8 range. This must be a lucky distance because there are some finds on pages 28-40, then 41 and 42 are empty and more pages with finds beyond that again. (then I got tired of scrolling lol)

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Page 23, 36 miles.


Another meaningless fact that I discovered while looking at this:


In the first 9 pages, 6 of them have 2-3 of my hides on them, and 1 page has 1 of my hides. 7 out of the first 9. 11 miles, 18 hides. That also doesn't include a couple hides under a pseudonym, and a couple hides by my children and husband.

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