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Feature Request: Waymarks Near This One

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I was just reviewing some new waymark submissions in one of my categories, and one of the submissions seemed familiar. I thought maybe someone had already submitted it. It would have been nice if there was a link to search of other waymarks near that one. Maybe two links, one for within the same category, and one for within all categories.


I did figure out how to go out to the top level and do a search, but it would be nice to do so right from the waymark itself.


I can also see the usefulness in this feature when just looking for waymarks, not just when reviewing new ones.

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I can provide an interum, kind of a PITA solution.


When viewing the Waymark, click on "Add to my Origins"


Return to the Directory Level


Perform a Location Filter based upon the new Origin


This will list all of the Waymarks that are nearby.



<_< The Blue Quasar

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