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My Own Geocoin


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Hello. I have been caching for the past 2 years and I want a sig item. I was recently at a geocaching event and say some coins. Some metal printed others wooden and yet others out of clay.


Here is my question:

How can I make my own geocoin to leave as a sig item?

(either from clay, or a wooden nickel, etc.)




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Here's what I did for my first signature item. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a little American flag stamp and a red stamp pad, and a few packages of 1 1/2" wooden discs, 6 for $.79. I then had someone make me a custom rubber stamp with a simple little design with my caching name and hometown on it. I spent one evening in front of the television stamping each disc with each stamp.


I later moved up to a box of blanks from www.wooden-nickel.com pre-stamped with a flag design on one side so I didn't have to stamp both sides, and eventually had 100 real coins minted, but I still use the wooden nickels as my every-cache signature item.

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