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PL Adhesive works great for filling gaps and comes in caulking tubes. Its similar to silicone in consistency but isn't clear. Available at Home Depot and other fine department stores.




Yes PL is good But Do Not get any on Your hands and let it dry.

It takes forever to come off. You will be at Your own wake and everyone will say You

look good but what's that stuff on Your hands.

I used to work with it to glue stainless steel to particle board.

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Gorilla glue has its place, but so far I've seen it fail when people have tried to attach film cans to rocks or concrete. I've used it, as a matter of fact on the very office chair I'm perched in, works great on woods.

Marine goop or Plumbers goop is a great product for all sorts of surfaces that gets wet.

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Could probably use Urethane in a tube like the type for putting in windshields on automobiles. I swear you could build an entire car with that stuff.

Mega ditto on that one. Windshield urethane is about every kind of ----proof you can think of. I used it to "glue" in a patch panel on a rusty floorboard of my Jeep at the suggestion of a bodyman freind. After doing it, I can see why he recommended it. It AIN'T coming loose. EVER. If anyone ever goes back to try and fix that little repair, they will be immortalizing me with every curse word known to man! :)


Just DO NOT get it on anything you care about, including your various extremities. :laughing:

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We use an epoxy called "Epidermix 372" for general purpose jobs, but they produce a large range of adhesives at a reasonable cost.


I have no idea whether they are an international company - the tins I have show that it is manufactured locally (South Africa).


The local manufacturer is a.b.e. Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd.


Hope this helps

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Yeah, I second that question (actually third). What glue you use depends on your application. When you talk about "covering" a cache, are you trying to build it up to change the shape? Or are you just trying to cover the surface with dirt, leaves, etc... ?


I like contact cement. It is often sold as "household" cement and you can even buy it in a spray can if you need to cover a surface. You put it on both surfaces, wait 10 minutes or so before putting them together and they are bound tight. I plan to use some from a can to get dirt and leaves to stick to a small cache.

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The problem with JB Weld, and other epoxies is they are so much more expensive. To cover a cache would cost 10 bucks at least, and likely much much more. I want cheap, are any of the above cheap?

You git what you pay fer. If ya want cheap, ya won't git the results that last very long. Depends what yer goals and objectives are.



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