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Wap And Watchlist Notifications


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I think I might have found a bug - can you please check if the notifications are working properly when a user logs a cache or drops a TB through wap.geocaching.com?

In the past there were few cases when I didn't get an owner notification for my caches being found, particularly with one local cacher who just bought a new WAP-enabled PDA and was using it for logging directly from the cache site, but I was not sure if it was an e-mail glitch on my side or a bug.

Now we have started a TB competition, with two groups of cachers trying to capture the TB and placing it to a cache on their own territory. On the TB page we encouraged players to log the TB as soon as they can and suggested using WAP - when the first cacher did that, neither me (the TB owner), nor anybody else who has the TB on their watchlist, got the notification.

If it helps, the log that failed to be sent is this one.

Thanks for investigating!

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