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Travel Bug Hunter In Nj & Pa


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The thief seems to be an alias for a premium member with 39 finds.  I'm sure Groundspeak can find out his name and address through his payment info and get him to return the bugs.


Nice detective work, and I see what you mean. If the thief is who I'm thinking it is, he certainly didn't cover his tracks very well. That username made me rather suspicious from the start, in fact, but their cache logs sounded innocent enough.





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Thanks to all the geocachers who have emailed me. We all think we know what the other alias is for these geocachers, though none of us know who they are personally nor their real names - and I've notified the PA and the NJ administrator. The info has been sent to Groundspeak though I'm not really sure what exactly they can do. But for now, travel bugs are not safe in the Poconos and NEPA and parts of NJ. :)

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Then he can sit at some vantage point and watch people search for the cache! We always enjoy watching people look for caches we have already found, especially if the search involves crawling under a tank!


(edit) Unfortunately, this is one day probably going to lead to a fender bender because we're looking at the tank/light pole/bridge abutment rather than the road in front of us!

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I don't delurk too often, as you can probably tell by my tadpole status. :P This was an interesting thread though. I don't think the knucklehead realized he was going to get caught so easily. I'll bet he doesn't realize he exposed an IP address by answering people's emails, either :cry:. Well, I've found that cache in question, and it's more than spacious enough to accomodate 21 TB's. I hope they're there. Maybe a name change to the Eastbound and down Travel Bug Hotel is in order? As long as they don't make it a TB prison :huh:

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Maybe I am missing something here, but how can anyone conclude there is anything nefarious going on here ? Perhaps all those bugs will be dropped shortly.

Looked like whomever just wanted to move some travel bugs and the reaction was just a little over the top. :huh:

You really need to examine the thread and information available before making such a statement. Someone just wanted to "move bugs", so they collected them over a period of several weeks, left most of them unlogged and missing until a couple of days ago, so they could drop 21 of them in a cache which is pretty much local to where they were all "captured" (his words) from? This was absolutely someone with malicious intent, who didn't think they would get noticed as quickly, or especially tied so easily to a premium member account. Heck, they could have read this very thread, and realized that as a premium member, Groundspeak has their name, address and credit card information, which I'm sure escaped their attention at first.

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Hello all,


I have some good news and some bad news...

I'll start with the good news... the cache that he dropped 24 travel bugs in.. he DID drop them there, I was to that cache this morning.. I grabbed 11 of the bugs and will be distributing them to the NJ/PA area in the next week or so. I did this with mixed feelings, but I didn't want to see the cache get muggled with 24 bugs in it, I hope you don't all hate me for my choice.


I also visited the jeep cache last night, only to find it missing (i've been to it before).. but I got harasses by the cops as it was 1am and a business right near the cache had been robbed a few days prior... so I went back to the cache later in the morning, around 8am to find it still missing, and upon closer inspection it was below in the river.

Me and my crew took a 2 hour hike down to it and retrieved the container, minus the lid and most of the contents. We waded around in the river a bit and found the pen, some of the log book, some other misc papers, and a few objects that were in it.. but no jeeps.

There were also tracks from 4wheelers doing doughnuts near where the cache had been hid.. so I assume that had something to do with it.


So, I'm not sure if the muggler made off with the jeeps and tossed the rest of the cache.. or if their currently at the bottom of the deleware...


But, that's the update I've got for now.


Team Reddog176

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Thier own bugs are also in ALCATRAZ!!!!

I stopped by this morning and grabbed some of the 'rest stop' bugs after checking ALCATRAZ and the bridge...I couldn't find the cache at the bridge (Now I know why!!!)

I just wonder if they kept the jeeps and made it look like a muggled cache!!!!

(Although it did take a header into the Delaware before!!)


Reddog...Go ahead and log the bugs that you grabbed this morning...They are still showing up in the cache and you will need to have them logged to drop them anyway.

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This is very strange. We received notification that this cacher also dropped our WhatIsIt bug. However, it (as well as Mario Bug) was logged as being dropped in a different cache: The Blairstown Airport Cache. Why would the bulk of his haul be dumped into one cache and just these two in a different one? Are there any others besides the Jeeps that were dropped away from the mass bug dump?

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