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Anyone Get Very Strange Gps Readings Today?

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First of all, I have been having some trouble transfering topo maps with my Merigold lately. So, I dont know if the problem I had today could be related to that or not, but here is what happened:


We were hunting in a remote area and the gps was getting epe readings of approximately 20 to 120 feet (depending on the tree canopy) and the map was tracking fairly closely to the road that we were driving. Then all of a sudden, it shot our position from where we were actually located (Western Washington) to the northern part of the Canadian Northwest Territories. And, as if that was not bad enough, it showed that we were traveling at over 500 mph while standing still and it then proceeded to create two of its own waypoints (I know that I did not create them because of the names and descriptions).


Now, all of this, except the waypoint creation, I could understand happening for a brief amount of time IF the gps lost reception, got some eroneous errors or something else very strange happened. But I would expect it to be a VERY short amount of time and it to return to normal soon after. This was not the case. This thing stayed that way for about 20 minutes and did not correct itself until I re-initialized it.


I really dont know what to think about this except to ask if anyone else had very odd readings today. If it was just my unit, I am starting to lose faith in Magellan fast. Any thoughts?



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I'm not sure if this applies, but while geocacheing with a buddy last Saturday his gps was doing something similar (although not as extreme: more in the 50-100 mile range). There recently have been several X-Class (the big ones) solar flares from Sunspot 798 on the Sun's surface, and I've received several notifications recently about possible Auroras in the N. latitudes. Although it's now (just recently) disappearing, I know that some communications have been affected, and perhaps the flares had an effect upon gps signals, as well. Here is a link to a website mentioning the flares and if you look over the archives from recent days you'll begin to get a better feel for how it may have affected things.




This link gives an excellent account of recent high solar activity:



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See Standing Still At 1,000 M.P.H.!!! The record so far is 4,302 M.P.H. by Dr. Boggis.  Anybody  have a verifiable faster time than that?

Markwell is a close second at 4,267 mph!!. More on this phenomenon in that thread and this one.

In that same thread, another user POSTED A MESSAGE showing his tracklog with a leg length of 1400 miles in a second, which calculates to a whopping 5 MILLION miles per hour! :cry:


I wonder what his max speed actually registered on his GPSr...


I think I'll poke through a few of my old logs and see if I can find anything similar there.

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