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Trading Even For Geocoins

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I still consider myself a 'newbie' to the world of Geocaching having only started just under two months ago. I am very interested in the coins that are out there, yet when I find one in a cache, I have no coins to trade. Without going out and buying a bunch of geocoins/bones to trade, what is considered an even trade for a coin? Approx. $5.00 worth of swag? A couple of signature items?


There is a token out there by the Kootenay Pirates that is handmade, I consider this an equal trade because of the time that they put into making this token. Just trying to pick some brains and see what is considered good 'Geocoin etiquette'.

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My opinion is that a trade for a coin (if not another coin), should be something "geo-cool" -- what I mean by this is that it shouldn't be 5 packs of stickers worth $4, but something like a Geocaching.com patch, a mini compass, a pin with geocaching theme.


The Kootney Pirates coins are a perfect example of great swag! (for those not familiar, visit my website Here(you may need to page forward or back).


They make four different designs each year (from what I understand) and they are quite a nice coin. I need one more for this years set....grrrrr.. and have none of the previous years (always interesting in trading!)


You could easily make some of these yourselff as a trade item.

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When ever I leave my personal geocoin in a cache I consider it gone to the geocaching world and to never see it again. I am just satisfied with the fact that someone else may enjoy the coin more than me. My opion is no need to leave something if you find one of my geocoins. Its a gift from me to who ever finds it first. However I don't care for geocachers going and hoarding my coins from each cache I leave the coins in. One coin per cacher. Even though the coins came from me I don't consider the coin as my property anymore and will never ask for my coin back from a geocacher (even if I am upset at them) unlike some geocachers who become upset and repeatedly email the finders and demand the coin back. My rule of thumb is if you leave it you should not ever expect to get it back again...

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I completely agree! You have to let everything you place into a cache go.


The only issue I have, is that I think geocoins, and other geocaching signature items leave the cache a better and more exciting find. So if you find it exciting to find a coin, leave something behind that will be exciting to the next cacher and so on and so on. This leads to better items in the cache.


Now, that said -- I also do not think caching is about the trading (or the stats or the icons, or the "rules"....). I think that caching is about bringing someone to a place they may normally overlook and not visit -- a view, a pleasant park. This is probably why I am not a huge fan of micros I guess -- many are uninspired and placed for the sake of creating density of caches -- I do like micros that are placed where a traditional may not go and is worth visiting.


Anyhow -- huge digression.


When it comes to caching trades (including coins), I just live by the rule "Leave what you yourself would like to find


If I found people following me and getting more than one of my geobones, I would probably stop placing them in caches except when I travel. I would NEVER e-mail them -- that's rude nad silly. Remember, when someone gives a gift, it is not just the recipient that enjoys it, but the giver as well! Folks will stop investing time and energy (and money!) in caches if they are simply decimated through bad trades.

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