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Free Rubicon Brothers Coin.

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When we saw the response to the post by Lemon Fresh Dog's post about the dog stories, we thought it might be fun to do something similar with jeeps. Some people love their jeeps almost as much as they love their dogs. We are looking for any kind of story that involves your jeep. It could be a favorite trail ride, an adventure of getting stuck and how you got out, or it could be a story about all the work and extra equipment you have put on your jeep.


We will take each name that has entered a story and put it on a slip of paper and draw out the winning name and award a "Rubicon Brothers" coin...if there's lot's of stories, we might even give away a couple of them. :blink:


We will draw the winner (winners) sometime around the first of October.

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Here is an interesting adventure that happened to us in Southern Utah near Capitol Reef National Park on New Years Day just a week after we bought our jeep. We let the excitement of a new jeep override our common sense and got a lesson from the school of hard knocks. We were involved in an extreme international geocaching contest and wanted to stay ahead of the competition.


December 31, 2004


Because of winter storm warnings we had decided to stay home on New Years weekend even though it was a 3 day weekend. After hearing about the heroic efforts of our Canadian counterparts and because we could see a sliver of blue in the South Western sky where we needed to go we got crazy and headed out half cocked. The weather stayed nice and we spent the night in Hanksville. Early next morning (January 1, 2005) we headed out and started our adventure. As we left the highway the dirt road was frozen solid and was quite easy to drive on. We saw the deep ruts so we knew it could get ugly in the afternoon when the sun has melted the mud so we wanted to get in and get right back out. When we got to Salt Wash there was a lot of water flowing and we would have turned back if we were driving our Tacoma but hey, we are driving our new macho Rubicon so on we went. No problem crossing the water. We crossed the stream about 10 times as we worked our way up the wash. We got to within 1/2 mile of the destination and we came to a crossing where we were on an ice ledge with another 8 inch ice ledge on the other side of the stream. We figured we could hit the ledge on the other side and break down the lip and get right up it. Well the passenger wheel got up but the driver's side wheel hit and spun the jeep sideways so we were heading straight up the stream. Back and forth a few times and we had sunk down in the soft quick sand and gravel to our skid plate.



Of course we walked over and found the tag and then gathered branches and flat rocks to put under the wheels. We had a small come along with us which we rigged up but we couldn't get enough pull to budge the jeep forward or backward. It was now about 10:00 in the morning and we figured we better get going if we are going to walk the 15 miles to get back to the main highway. We got our feet quite wet making the dozen stream crossings on foot.


Luckily we had dry socks to change into once we got out of the wash. After about 4 miles we decided to park Georgia on some semi dry hills so Craig could make better time getting out. By now the road was thawed and our feet each had 20 pounds of mud on them making walking extremely difficult. Georgia made herself a comfortable nest while Craig hurried out the remaining 11 miles. She had 2 coats, double pants and 2 blankets in case she had to spend the night.


Craig got within a half mile of the main highway when he met a rancher driving out to check on his cows. He had a 4 wheeler in the back of his pickup and he offered to go and rescue Georgia. It was slick and the truck almost got stuck in the mud several times but he got us within 3 miles of her position. He unloaded the 4 wheeler and let Craig drive out to get Georgia. The wheels were throwing baseball size mud balls all over the place even on our heads and arms. We arrived back at the pickup truck just as the sun was going down. The rancher took us back to the hotel in Hanksville. All the restaraunts and convenience stores were closed at 6:30 but luckily the manager at the hotel called her father to open the Chevron next door so we had some microwave burritos for dinner. A guy from a towing company met us at our hotel the next morning and a little winching and a big tow bill and we were mobile again.


Next time we will be much better prepared!



We were back in the area later on in a different competition and we couldn't resist placing a cache at the spot where Mrs. Cach-U-Nuts thought she might be spending the night. Mrs. Cach-U-Nuts Survivor Cache

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I wish I had a cool story to add. I 've only owned my Jeep Unlimited Rubicon for about three months. Now I am in Iraq and I won't get to see her until I get back in August 2006. Man I really miss that Jeep. I thought my F150 4x4 was the stuff until I got that Jeep.


I will always have a Jeep from now on regardless of the gas prices.

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Back in the days before I owned a gps I was out hunting for grouse one day near Cold Lake in northern Alberta. I had been out going thru the brush for a couple of hours and decided it was time to head back to where I had parked my jeep TJ. In this instance it would have helped to have the gps because it took me about 3/4 hour to find where I had parked the jeep. Not because it was very distant but because I had no idea where I was.


Anyway. As I approached the vehicle I heard a rustling in the bush nearby. I came into the opening to find a black bear feeding in a berry patch right beside the jeep. My dilemma then became how to reach the jeep without getting the bear upset that I was disturbing his lunch. The bear did not immediately see me and I thought it was probably for the best to keep hidden until I could figure out what to do. While I had my rifle with me (a .22 and yes we can hunt birds with a .22 up here) I didn't think it would be too helpful against something the size of the bear.


After about 10 minutes worth of thought my problem was solved with me when another vehicle could be heard coming up the track. The bear apparently heard it too because it perked up and headed off into the bush. Needless to say I made it to my TJ pretty quick and decided it would probably be a good idea to find another area to hunt after lunch.

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I don't really have a Jeep adventure and no cool pictures of my Jeep but here is my story. When I was younger I went with a friend, her mother and her mother's boyfriend on a trip to Helen, GA. Well he had a Jeep. I had never ridden in one before and thought it was like any other car. Well we got up to Helen and the adults (we kids were like 10) decided we should have a picnic in this open field. We starting driving over the trail to the field, nothing major just a dirt road through some trees. About half way to the field there was a creek. I to this day couldn't tell you how deep it was but to me in a vehicle looking at a creek it was probably ocean depth. Now as an adult I realize it was probably nothing but boy back then the excitement and fear were too much for my young mind. Well we crossed over it like it was nothing. When we were sitting down to our picnic lunch I asked some questions about the Jeep. By the time the day was over the only thing I could tell my mom about the trip was that one day I would own a Jeep. Many years later I bought my first vehicle (1991 Chevy S-10). I loved my truck which I actually still own. It began having some problems (150,000+ miles I guess it was time). One rainy day after my husband had fixed the vent controls we were riding up towards the mall and we passed the Jeep dealer in town. I had always told my husband what my dream Jeep looked like and that if I ever found it and could afford to I wanted to buy it. Well as we drove past I saw the exact color that I wanted. We pulled in to the dealership only to find out that it was parked next door at the skating rink and not for sale. I was walking back to the car dejected when my husband said let's just look at what they have since we're here. Then there it was. It was the color I wanted, it had all the features I wanted, it was the Jeep I had waited for. The salesman of course was funny because he gave me the "i'm sorry ma'am we only have this Jeep in stick shift. I can check for an automatic". I told him not to bother because I wanted a stick shift. I test drove it and decided to buy it. After a few mechanical problems that the dealership couldn't figure out (simple TPS) I still love my Jeep. I had initially thought I would drive the Jeep one week, the truck the next but the truck only moves when I need the place it's parked in for the Jeep. So there is my story, not quite the adventure but the reason why I love Jeeps.

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We have a small farm, 11 acres, 7 horses, one Jeep Wrangler, and no tractor.


When we get the truck stuck in the mud after unloading the hay, the Jeep pulls it out. When we get the truck and horse trailer stuck in the mud camping, the Jeep pulls it out. When everybody else gets their trucks and trailers stuck in the mud, the Jeep pulls them out.


When we need to pull logs out of the woods, we use the Jeep. When we need to move the big round hay bales, we put a chain around them and use the Jeep.


We've only really USED the Jeep once when we were geocaching, but it would have been expensive in another vehicle. We were on the road, heading toward the state park where the cache was when I got something in my eye. David pulled to the side of the road so I wouldn't be fighting the wind (the top was down). I got whatever it was out of my eye and David started forward to pull onto the road.


I guess the grass did a good job of camoflaging the ditch because in a heartbeat we were teetering on the skid plate. I was sure we were going over. I was pretty sure a change of undergarments would be in order in a moment or two, but David sweet-talked out little red Jeep and in another second we were back on the road. All it took was both of us leaning left to put some weight on the wheels and we were on our way.

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There are way too many storys to tell. We have had this jeep since 1980. It is now strictly for deer camp.






We got stuck. Notice the height of the jeep in the first pic and where the water comes to in the second. This is not the deepest hole we were in that day. I took this pic from a Toyota that sits higher than the jeep and we were stuck at that time too (in the same hole) It was a great weekend. The person driving the jeep was my father, who passed away a few months ago from cancer.

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haha! I was waiting to see if anyone was interested. It's not a giant story, but way back in the 30's, there was a comic strip that was very popular in the daily newspapers -- Popeye! Of course -- there is some controversy and it is said to have originated in mechaics shops earlier.


Well, one of the characters introduced was a strange little creature with a funny tail that used to go "Jeep!, Jeep!" -- so the character was called the Jeep.


In the 1980's, a company called Fantagraphic Books began reprinting these comic strips and that is where I read the adventures of the "Jeep".


There is an article here that gives the history.


If I ever bought a Jeep, I would definately have a little can of spinach painted onto the gas cap.

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When we get the truck stuck in the mud after unloading the hay, the Jeep pulls it out. When we get the truck and horse trailer stuck in the mud camping, the Jeep pulls it out. When everybody else gets their trucks and trailers stuck in the mud, the Jeep pulls them out.


When we need to pull logs out of the woods, we use the Jeep. When we need to move the big round hay bales, we put a chain around them and use the Jeep.


We went on a camping trip once and my husband with his Dodge 2500 and our 28 foot trailer got stuck in the mud and much to the group on the fields humor my little Jeep pulled them both out at the same time. Everybody commented that we should have had a video camera rolling and sent it to Jeep for advertising. I think it would have been a funny video, my Jeep Wrangler, his full size (somewhat lifted) Dodge 2500 and our 28 foot pull behind trailer. Everybody got a laugh and we didn't try to get on the field with the trailer again. Of course, I never remind him of how my little Jeep had to come to his rescue. :blink:

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Ok, here's mine. A long time ago (don't ask), I just bought my Jeep CJ5. It was early spring here in Utah, and my wife and I decided to take it for a ride up in the mountains. We found this road going from 1 canyon (Big Cottonwood) to another canyon (Park City) and decided we would try and drive it. Did I mention that this was in the spring? Do you know what happens to snow when it starts getting warm? Can you say quicksand? We made it about 20 feet into the snow before we sunk in the snow right up to the chasis. :) Well, since I had just gotten the Jeep, I didn't have any tools with me. So, my wife and I had to hike back down to the road and to the nearest telephone. We called my brother and he brought his truck and shovels and rope. He parked his truck on the dry road just before the snow and we dug enough snow away from the Jeep so we could attach the rope to it. Then I got in and, with my brother pulling with his truck, I backed the Jeep out of the snow.


There were lots of times after that that that (did you like all of those thats!) Jeep helped me out of spots where others were stuck, but that one sticks in my mind the most. I wonder why? :D

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That's a very interesting story Lemon Fresh Dog. Much better than the boring story we heard about the name Jeep.


You all know how the army likes to use acronyms for everything. Like MRE Meals Ready to Eat and KP for Kitchen Patrol. Well they designed a small vehicle that was very mobile and able to get around in rough terrain. They called it a General Purpose vehicle and so it got the acronym GP. As you can imagine it wouldn't take too many times for the Sargeant telling the private to "Go get the G.P." for it to morph into "Go get the jeep!"

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Well I can't say that I have a truly exciting story to post. I am fortunate enough to have one of these aweome coins already, so I am not posting to have a chance at the coin. But being a Jeep owner, I am a huge fan of this thread. The phrase "It's a Jeep thing..you would'nt understand" says it all to me.


A new cache popped up and 4x4 was the way to go. One of my caching friends, Nicolo, owns a Rubicon and I own a Sahara. We got a couple other cachers (Smrt_geer and J2D2) to come with us and off we went. It was memorable for me because it was Nicolo's first time on trail with his Jeep. We had a blast getting to the cache. I think this photo represents the day!




Happy Jeeping and caching, or better yet both at the same time!!

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My Jeep was destroyed by an unfortunate visit to Jiffy Lube, so she is no more. But we're looking to get another once we've saved enough. *sigh* how I loved her.


Did anyone see on the news the story of the plane's landing gear that wouldn't come down? Some of the ground crew got in a jeep and chased down the plane as it was landing, and someone reached up by hand and grabbed the landing gear to pull it down. Now that's a jeep story!


Edited to add, XRN95 posted perhaps the coolest picture I've ever seen. That's awesome!

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Well, unfortunately we dont' have a Jeep. I almost bought one many years ago, a Red Jeep Wrangler. Now with the 3 kids we would need a bigger Jeep. It would be awesome if we won the Jeep that they are giving away.


Oh, my kids have a Jeep. :lol: A Barbie Jeep that we painted red. We got it off of freecycle. Here is Rachel "R" in the Jeep.



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I don't have a Jeep, but does it count that I want a red Jeep Wrangler? Or that my son has a Jeep with stories he won't tell me? <_< Or that BisonGirl has a Barbie Jeep? :rolleyes: Or that I'm planning on my next vehicle being a Jeep? :cry: Or that I've tried to get two of these coins so I could have one and give one to my son? :( Okay, I'll stop now. :D

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My entry for the coin will be called home coming.


I got my first jeep in high school. It was my cousins 58 Willys used as a farm tractor. I rebuilt the flat head 4, added a stereo, light bar and a few other goodies. When I went off to college it sat and sat and sat.


I brought it home this summer to hopefully start tinkering with.




It is in way worse shape than I thought. New rust, engien is totally crusted.








After looking at the amount of work it needed and since my itch for a jeep came back I bought a newer one




I think I am going to sell my original and invest that money in a lift for my new one. I hate to see her go but I am afraid she will just get worse.


Jeeps rule old or new, timeless classics!!!


(I was amazed at how my 2001 and 1958 feel so similar going down the road)

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The number one thing Landcruiser owners hate to hear is, "Nice Jeep"

Last winter was a nasty one here in Nor-eastern Ca. It snowed, then it snowed, and i think it snowed again, My father-in-law got his Jimmy stuck, my Girlfriend got her Dodge stuck, her friend got her Ford stuck, Sears got stuck, oh, did I mention this was all in my driveway. I pulled them all out with my FJ40 because I could, It plowed it's way throught it all, and asked for more....Till I got it stuck. So, I had to pull it out with, you guessed it, my other FJ40. Cruiser.jpg


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I didn't have a big brother growing up in Illinois, but I had the next best thing...my cousin Scott. He was ten years older than me (still is, actually!) but he never treated me like just a kid. When I was in high school, he bought a black Jeep with big tires and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. When I went away to college, Scott would visit campus in his Jeep and take my friends and I on adventures that sometimes I can't believe we lived to tell about.

When I got married, although there was a limousine waiting in front of the church to take us to the reception, I wanted to go in the Jeep. So my very understanding groom got in the Jeep and Scott lifted me in beside him (much to the dismay of my mom, who was sure that I'd get my beautiful wedding dress dirty).

We moved across the country, grew a little family and before we knew it more than a decade passed...but in 1997 I finally I got my black Jeep Sahara with big tires! My husband thought I was a little nuts; he said it was impractical. But it didn't take long before he became a Jeep nut, too. Before long he had changed, improved, broken and fixed and added just about everything imaginable.

Several of our friends bought Jeeps, too, and we started going on group adventures together. It never ceases to amaze us the places our Jeeps can go!

It's been 20 years since Reino and I hopped in that Jeep on our wedding day, and our own Jeep has carried us through ups and downs and thick and thin for many years...and hopefully many years to come. In a few weeks Scott will be visiting us here in Washington, and we will take him Jeeping on some of our favorite trails so he can see what he started. <_< Only in a Jeep!





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I don't have a Jeep. I have something better! Here is The Trout Scout. Its old, fun to work on, great on the trails. No, its not a Jeep. I've pulled out more Jeeps than I can remember :laughing: Nothing will beat the torque of a Scout. Once I pulled up to a group of Jeeps down in Moab. They were trying a pretty steep climb and none were making it. I casual pull up, pop it into low and crawl up without spinning a tire.







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Sorry for the delay everybody, we spent the night in West Wendover, Nevada and couldn't find a place with internet access. You'd think a fine town like West Wendover, Nevada would have wireless access at their fine motor home parks but we could only find it at the Flying J truck stop and you need to have an account and a password. While the girls were in the casino we managed to get our Khaki Rubicon stuck in some loose gravel with no winching posts in sight and we had left the Blue Rubicon and the handy man jack home but that is a story for another day.



The Rubicon Brothers picking the winning names before leaving town.



The first winner is GEOBLANK!



And the second winner is JAM RASC!


We wish you all could have won for your fine stories but we left it to the luck of the draw. Winners, please email us with your mailing address so we can get your coins sent out.

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