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Tb ...... Held ......... Still ....... Help!


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My "Heffalump" TB was taken by 'Colinbo' in April this year. It is now September. I have sent numerous emails. They 'bounce' back as undeliverable.


Does anybody know 'Colinbo'? If so, please get in touch with him and ask him to either give you the TB, place the dadgum thing, or post it back to me so I can start it again.


This is now beyond ridiculous!


If he doesn't want to play, don't take the TB!!!!!


Please, someone, help if you can.


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"Heffalump" has been taken out of the system.


It has been officially logged as MISSING and is no longer available.


What a shame it is that this sort of thing happens. Even if it is by "lovely fellows like Colinbo"


I have also taken "What A Wonderful World" out of the playing field as it was stolen in Germany - not by a cacher, I hasten to point out, but by muggles.

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