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Members Only Caches Near North Pittsburgh?


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I see you often ask alot of questions about Pittsburgh. If you want a place to ask questions to people who cache there all the time go to theTRIGO website.


All the people on there are happy to answer any questions you may have. And there's more than 200 cachers getting your message and ready to respond.

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The closest MOC to your location is, I believe, my Size Matters to the Elves cache in Sewickley Heights. If you sign up for a premium membership, you'd be able to follow the link and discover that the cache has a DNF to find ratio of more than 2 to 1!! :blink:


Please remember that not all local geocachers are members of Tri-go. You are, of course, welcome to post your questions here in the Groundspeak forums, which is the only place that I will see them.

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I've heard tale that TRI-GO is going to have a regular forum in the near future. I don't know how near because I'm not privy to that and because we're too far disorganized to have a timetable. Thank goodness for that.


Whatever you do, don't sign up for a premium membership to get the MOC's.


There are exactly 7 MOC's within 100 miles of Pittsbugh (15222). One of them (mine) is disabled. Two (including the disabled one) are in PA, Three are in OH, and there is one each in WV and MD. I don't see that there is anything special in this list.


While we're on the off-topic boast about DNF to find ratios, nobody has ever legitimately found my MOC. Woo Hoo! It requres genius, of course, to hide some dinky thing where nobody can find it.

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I agree, the Yahoo boards are a huge PITA. I have already offered my server space, bandwidth, and technical skills running forum software. I think they have all the resources they actually need. It just seems that things are still in the works for a REAL Tri-go site. I guess the big debat is that some people actually like the Yahoo format, so they are building some customs software to be both like a normal forum and the yahoo idea. My estimate, look for it to be up and running in another 10-20 years :rolleyes:


As for the premium membership. Don't do it for the Members only caches, do it for the Pocket Queries and the support of the Geocaching site.

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My estimate, look for it to be up and running in another 10-20 years :blink:

:ph34r: It'll be up sooner than you think. Work is currently being done on the E-Mail integration tool that will allow people to post and reply to threads via email.


There are other tools in the works that should be ready by the time the big unveiling happens. The LCC will have a cool new upgrade to start. This may be released before the forums though.


We currently are dealing with getting the 2005 PA Geocoins out to those who ordered. The minting order has been made and things are progressing nicely.

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