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Magellan Geocache Mgr Crashes?


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I don't know which entry is causing this, but apparently one of them.


I go to Upload to the GPS, select the file, say yes to replace, and CRASH


This happened when I put in symbols that it didn't like, in the Hint box.


I added one and deleted it when it started crashing and now it don't work any more.


I can't do anything with it, it just keeps crashing.


Does the Swiss Army Knife replace this POS program?

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Offhand, I can't think of anyone that's recommended the Geocache Manager over any combination of GSAK and GPSBabel, but I'm not totally unbiased. :-)


In fact, Olaf and I got ambitious with GPSBabel since the last version and it will now even "dumb down" UTF8 characters when sending them to your unit or to a format that can't handle it. For example, if I take GC7FA4 and delete the word "points" from the name just so it'll fit and pass that through GPSBabel, the cache will be named "geodesiques du Quebc" The UTF-8 'e' characters are now gracefully decayed down to the visually closest character - in GPSBabel until now, they'd have just been thrown away. Which sould like it's still smarter than what GM does...)

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does GSAK also control the POI files?


When I scroll down POI's, I see sometimes the icons change. It's getting VERY frustrating

GPSBabel (and thus GSAK) will do both UPT and GS files for your Explorist. The same tradeoffs apply. 500 (200 with comments) editable in a UPT or 200 uneditable geocache-specific points in a GS.


The icon thing when scrolling is a firmware bug in teh unit. Complain to Magellan.

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