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Use Of Css On Cache Page


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OK, a techie thing that I've been playing with. I get a lot of enjoyment out of trying new things on my profile page. I've been reading via the web, that certain items that use to be allowed in HTML code are being phased out. Specifically, the <center> tag, which was the old method for aligning an item in the center of the page. During my reading, I've found that although not completely unsupported, the use of the alignment tags has been deprecated (fancy way of saying frowned upon). The prefered method now is to use a Cascaded Style Sheet (CSS). I haven't managed to get this to work, either through my own ignorance or the point of this topic. Does anyone know if CSS is supported on the profile pages. I would normally think that it is, since it just says how to display the HTML, but I don't know the whole story behind how GC implements the display of the profile pages. A long way around to a final question. Does anyone use a CSS in the modificatoin of their profile page?

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