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I hate to say it, but now that the world has been inundated with so many coins I'm starting to lose interest. The result is that even if the coin is really, really cool and well designed I probably wouldn't buy one unless it was trackable or represented/depicted something that interests me. It's not so much I want the icons for myself as I want them to share at events. I'm sure I'm a very small minority, though.


I'll also add, though, that all coins should be designed well. Why put something out that looks bad? Paying $50 to a mint is a small price to pay to get some good art/design. So far there have been very few coins I've seen that were not designed well.

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Absolutely, no question. Hands down, I agree w/ pdx. A cute icon is nice for about 2 minutes.


And tracking? Get real. Precious few kewl geocoins will last more'n a week "on the street" (in a cache). Indeed, one of my good (and most generous) geopals, just lost no fewer than 7 precious coins taken from his cache in one fell swoop (with no log, natch.)


Yup, I'd say put those extra dineros for tracking on gc.com - into a super kewl shaped, and/or more wondrously designed coin.

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I always want coins to be in caches. If they are designed to move -- move them. If they are allowed to be kept - trade fair. No end of discussion on this.


However..... the better looking the coin, the more likely folks are to keep it!


If I wasn't so busy with the "Red Handed" coin, I would do another (maybe 2006?) called the U.G.L.Y coin (Us Geocachers Log? - Yes!)


This coin would be so horrific that folks would never hang onto it! Maybe If I could get some dead fish and marinate it for a few weeks? -- okay, not really. My dog is a Husky -- she's eat the coins.


However, an nice ugly picture and bad font. I even thought of sponsoring a little competition at the local art school -- "bad design -- the world's ugliest coin" and offering $50 or $100 prize to the winner.


Maybe 2006......

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