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Size Limitation On Posting Logs

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I think it's 4000 characters.

Yes, it is 4000 characters (counting spaces). If I know I will have a long log, I will type it in MSWord first. When the log is finished, I click on Properties, Statistics to get the character count. I'll split the log at a point where it makes sense and log the bottom half of the log first, then the top half, so the log reads top-down on the cache page.


Can't claim to be like Oregone...have only done this a couple of times, most recently for minutes for an Event Cache.

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I hate seeing a smiley with just a "TNLNSL"


Me too. Save that for the log book. Although, I have to be honest, I don't always write a novel with every log. But every once in a while something strikes me and I get into a mood to elaborate, or at least exaggerate.


Thanks for all your responses.

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I think it's 4000 characters.

Yes, many cachers on the more interesting caches in the area seem to go over the 4,000 character limit. Then if they feel to type more, they just post a note to continue their cache log story. Cache hiders love to see the long story of hiding the cache, so go ahead....write a novel. :P

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