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Kansas Geocoin In Production!


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Yes there will be a KSWader Kansas Geocoin! After I closed the last topic, I had quite a few emails and a lot of help from some other cachers and they pointed me in the right direction to get the coin cost more inline. Originally when I started the idea of a coin, the minimum tracking number purchase was 1500 and now that has changed so the coins will be trackable on Geocaching.com!


The coins will be 1 1/2 inches and produced in brass and the OZ side will be in 3-D modelling. Where it says www.kswader.com that will be changed to "Trackable on Geocaching.com"


Each side of the coin has a yellow ring for the Yellow Brick Road. The artwork for the OZ figures comes directly from the original artwork from the Wizard of OZ book! The other side of the coin celebrates everything Kansas. If you look closely at the tornado, you will see a White Jeep Travel Bug! And we had to put the world's oldest geocache in existance on the coin! Estimated completion on this coin is 4-5 weeks.


We will be able to take PayPal payments soon and also credit cards from our secure online server for collectors that would like to add one to their collection instead of hoping to find one in a geocache! Coins will be $8.50 each.


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Is this a state coin or a personal one? If it's supposed to be a state coin I don't understand why it has the date you started caching on it.


I guess what I'm asking is will this have a KS or PC (whatever the personal coin prefix is) tracking number?

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