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2006 Fall Picnic Scheduled


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The 2005 Fall Picnic is now a memory (a great memory) and it is time to begin planning next year's picnic. Mark your calendars for the 2006 Fall Picnic to be held at Brown County on September 9, 2006.


Coming soon ... a new website for the 2006 event!


Can't wait to see you there.


2006 Fall Picnic Planning Team

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I loooooove Brown county that time of year--(OK, almost any time of year)--


My favorite visit there so far was the time that the university I attended as an undergrad "forced" me go to an international conference on 'bringing diversity into the clasroom' (because I was the student-assistant to the faculty-director of an art show on "Art of the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific"). They paid for my transportation, hotel room, and the conference--the folks at the conference were from about every country in the world, and it was peak season for the leaves turning colors. The university didn't want me to have to drive far, so the 'made' me stay in the lodge. Darn.


This will be almost as good. Hope for an early frost and so we can see some color change!

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I was going to say something witty about there being no way I'd miss the 2006 fall picnic, but realized that it's was a bit insensitive to losses that the caching community in Indiana has felt over the last year so I'll just say that as a Yocal, I Ain't gonna miss this one :-)


So you can add -{LoS}-Xile and Headstone Hunter(my mom's new geocaching name) to the attendies list

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It just so happens that we are hosting a family reunion in Brown County SP this coming weekend. I will spend some time evaluating the campground to see which area and which campsites will work best for our group. I will have a list of recommended camp sites and I will keep everyone informed of when we should reserve them. We should begin the reservation process approximately six months before the picnic. The good thing about the time of year that we are having the picnic is that Labor day is over and the kids are in school. A lot of the camping crowd will be done by then for the year. Also it is too early for the fall color crowd. I believe we can get a large group in there pretty easily. I will keep you all posted as to what "the plan" is. :laughing:

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Hey Captain. Also aim for the Spring InGeo 2006 picnic which (we hope) should be held in our part of Indiana -- the frozen north. Previous Spring picnics were hosted by the South Bend ('03), Ft. Wayne (04), and Lafayette (05) groups (note, all locations are approximate, Chris ('05) is actually out of Monticello). Us northern folk aren't as organized as our southern kin however we can also throw a good party.

As far as I know the who will host, where it will be, and when it will be are all up in the air. Somebody needs to step up and volunteer. My vote is for the ISQ team to run the Spring picnic. We can meet in a cemetery, look for micros, and see who logs the most finds in one day. :)

In all seriousness since ISQ is mainly a northern Indiana affair and since the ISQ people are already loosely organized and since they do put a lot of effort into their cache pages then they indeed, IMHO, would make a good InGeo spring picnic team.

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The IndiGo Fall Picnic is just around the corner (September 9th), at Brown County State Park. In just a few days we will hit the six month mark and Indiana will begin to accept your camping reservations for these days in September.


InKy Geo will be hosting the Friday evening campfire event on Friday September 8tth in the Rally Campground @ Brown County SP. I am renting Rally Site #1 for the weekend. This will provide a large area where we can congregate and is easily accessible to everyone even if you are not camping. The Rally campground is primitive… there are no electric or water hookups or modern bath and shower houses. Water is available in the area. I will have a couple of gate passes that we will share to gain entrance to the modern campground for the purposes of using their showers and bathrooms. The camping fee for the Rally Camping area is $10 per night. IMPORTANT: If you intend to camp with the group in the rally campground DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS with Indiana. Simply send an e-mail to me and you will pay me when you arrive to set up camp. PLEASE DO NOT PAY INDIANA!! I WILL HAVE ALREADY PAID THEM!!


I realize that some folks will want to camp in the modern campground to have an electric hookup. I would recommend the first camping area in the gate which is Buffalo Ridge. The following sites are pretty nice and would be a close walk to both the rally camping area as well as the shower house.


Site Recommendations for Buffalo Ridge - 1,3,5,7,9,4,6,8,10,11,22,23,24,25,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35. (You can see a map at the online reservations center).


If you choose to stay in the modern campground ($28 per night), you will need to make your reservation with the Indiana reservation center:


http://www.indiana.reserveworld.com/Campgrounds/search.cfm OR 1-866-622-6746


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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Anabel and I will try to make it this fall. If we go, we'd definitely be interested in the more remote sites at Rally. Whether or not we go depends on if we can get a babysitter lined up -- we'll start working on it! We'd probably be staying over on Saturday night, not Friday.


Sounds like fun!

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Anabel and I will try to make it this fall. If we go, we'd definitely be interested in the more remote sites at Rally. Whether or not we go depends on if we can get a babysitter lined up -- we'll start working on it! We'd probably be staying over on Saturday night, not Friday.


Sounds like fun!


Hi brazilindy! We sure hope to see you there. This will be a kid friendly weekend, feel free to bring them along if you wish.


InKy Geo will be hosting a CampFire Meet & Greet in the Rally Campground on Friday Evening. We would love to see you there if you can make it.


take care, jeff'

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This will be a kid friendly weekend, feel free to bring them along if you wish.



Thanks for the note, Jeff! We'll probably bring our oldest (13 yo) but the two youngest (5 and almost 2) might prove more challenging <_<


We were at the CITO event on Earth Day in Southeastway Park in Indy this year and that was our first event. We're looking forward to actually camping out. It's been about 25 years since I slept in a tent -- it's about time to do it again!!


Thanks again!


Bill (oops...logged in as my wife anabel) :ph34r:

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Sorry, I just noticed in the Indigo thread, that the picnic is listed.


I was expecting it to be showing up in "events past and present" in Indiana


Have TPTB changed that feature to only show a mont or so in advance????


But here is the link from that thread



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Look for updates to the Fall Picnic cache page soon!


The planning team met yesterday to finaliza plans. Everything thing is going well, lot of great ideas and excitement about the event. Can't wait to share them with you at the picnic!


Please make sure that you log your intent to attend on the cache page. This helps us in planning, obtaining donations and preparing name tags in advance. The earlier the better!


We are all anxious to see you at the picnic!

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