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Explorist Battery Clip?


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I have an Explorist 600.


A while back, I thought I hear of a rummor that Magellan had plans in the works to produce an AAA battery clip to be used in place of the Li-Ion rechargeable battery?


Does anyone know if this rumor is true? g


I do like the Li-Ion rechargeable battery, but when you are away from a power source (e.g., backpacking) for a few days, it would be nice to have a standard battery source too.


p.s., I know they sell some external USB type power sourses, but then you have to deal with the lovely Exmplorist cable.

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PC-Mobile has published fotos of one in progress. I can't recall where I saw them. If it wasn't here, it was liikely in the explorist yahoogroup. Watch http://www.pc-mobile.net/mexgps.htm (or call/mail them) for more info. I hope they include enough circuitry to disable any possible back-charge on those.


If you want something TODAY, I think the only options are sitill the "strap-on" variety as mentioned in the explorist faq linked to below...

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I just received this reply back from Magellan about the Explorist Battery Clip


We have been in the process of releasing a battery pack for the

eXplorist unit's.  However, at this time there is no current release

date, your best bet would be to periodically check out our website for

announcements on this.


Thank you and have a great day,



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