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Announcing Plans For Sirgerald's Geocoin


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Hi fellow geocoin collectors!


I'd like to add my own personal geocoin to the mix. I don't have the design nailed down yet but it's coming along. The front will be a 3D engraving featuring my new signature owl and sword. I'm still working on the back design.

Other features will be an unusual shape and unique numbering, though it won't be GC.COM trackable. I expect the cost to be right at $5 per coin, plus shipping charges (which should be minimal).


I'll update this initial post with future updates and design images as they develop.


This purpose of this thread is threefold:

1) just to see what kind of response I can expect from the collecting community;

2) to see how feasible it will be to pay for production with paid pre-orders; and

3) to gauge how many coins I should plan on producing.


If you expect to order one or more (when I get to that point) please post your pre-order expectations here. I'm not taking paid orders yet.

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This post will be updated occasionally with the list of pre-orders I've received.


List of cachers who have expressed an interest in buying my geocoin:


badlands - 2

bikinibottomfeeders - 2

Blind Avocado - 2

Cache-Hounds - 2

Cruiserdude - 2

DLiming - 2

Dressel Dragons - 1

GeoCrickets - 2

graylling - 3

ghostwriter13 - 5

ICE - 21

IceCreamMan - 2

Jake - Team A.I. - 3

Kilted Cacher - 1

ladycacher - 2

legna and sOulbAit - 5

Lemon Fresh Dog - 5

M&M Hunter - 2

ManGenGho - 2

nicolo - 3

Prairiepartners - 2

roygpa - 2

Rupert2 - 2

Special Ed - 3

Spensersb - 3

Team Dinosaur - 3

Team LightningBugs - 2

team simpson - 2

Terrible Ts - 3

tin-ear - 3

xfalcon1 - 2

XRN95 - 3

zombie tribe - 3


Total: 102


List of cachers who have expressed an interest in trading personal coins:




Go JayBee



Kirkland Explorers





Total: 9


Grand Total: 111

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