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Garmin Launching Cellphone Program


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anyone else notice that garmin just released a gps program for sprint new phones(sanyo models) you can get maps,etc. on these new units..


check it out on garmin.com on the right side ofthe page. looks pretty good, now that nextel and sprint are merged.


thought it was worth a post.


good luck


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I'm quite impressed by this...not for the gps functioning, but by the clever implementation of using the cell phone as a pseudo gps and the ability to present [apparently] useful map displays and turn-by-turn voice directions, all the while being tied in to the cellphone network and a-burnin' up those minutes.


I can imagine my wife liking this; she tends to pooh-pooh the gps gadgetry until she's lost, at which times her appreciation rises considerably (actually, that's too harsh; she's now a convert). Selective on-demand gps services may have a market.


It's hard to know just how well it works until one sees it in action, but this should make Garmin and Sprint pretty happy. I'm sure most of us will stick to our one-trick ponies for the time being.

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