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Raided / Missing Caches


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Copy of my note on Quarry Cache after Allroad informed me of the fact that it had been raided and a particularly aggressive note left in the cache. It surprises me that the cache box is intact, but the contents have been stolen, replacing them with the note!



I am extremely upset at the news about this cache.

Firstly, it IS public land, and is a well known and well-used extreme 4x4 track, open to anyone with the means and the courage to try it in a 4x4.

I, and everyone else I could think of to ask, have absolutely no idea who "Singh" is, although it is a fairly common name in these parts.


Given that the cache itself was fairly well hidden, well out of site and fairly difficult to get to, I surmise that it COULDN'T have been discovered by accident.


A few of us have our caches destroyed recently, and I'm guessing that the same thing has happened here.

We either have a disgruntled cacher in our midst, or someone who has taken it upon himself to target a few of us and make our caching lives a misery.


I only hope that "Singh" enjoyed the goodies he stole from the cache.


I will replace it. Threats of this nature only make me more determined to go on playing the game. This time, howver it will be hidden with a touch more skill. Probably be a multi with a coded clue to the actual cache.

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