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How To Log This?


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That's happened to me once before on a multi where I was having trouble finding the first part and another caching team came by, the young boy found the first stage as I happened to be standing right next to him and reached down and grabbed it. Then we agreed to to look for the 2nd and 3rd stages separately. I counted it as a find, but I said in my log that cacher x arrived and we searched together and he/she was the one to spot the cache.


You probably would have found it eventually anyway. If you don't feel comfortable about it then next time you're caching and you run into someone make ground rules. Like who ever finds it first should just stop looking until the other one finds it too. Then you both have found it.

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I'd log it as a find because we teamed up for the search. I think my wife has actually found about 1/4 of my finds.


If you are uncomfortable with this, what some people do is when one person finds it, he walks away and announces that he found it and lets the other person continue the search.


If you run into another geocacher, or are geocaching with friends, you can decided how to handle any finds ahead of time.

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Easy. Its a find!! We've had that happen several times and it actually makes things more fun to do the hunt with others you've just happened to run into. Fun is the point of geocaching. Besides, it tends to balance out over time. Sometimes we find the cache first sometimes its the other team.


JD of JDandDD

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