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B) I have the {un}? fortunate situation of living north of a large city. A cache search ususally inundates me with a large number of caches to the south a very few to the north. If there is a way to exclude a direction without a large ignore list, please help me out.


If there is not a way to do it yet, maybe this can be an improvement to the search funtion. Direction, directions to ignore, etc.

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Here are a couple of ways.


1) Find all the caches in the city and then search only for caches you haven't found :huh:


2) Pick a zip code or waypoint that is further away from the city as your origin point.


3) As a premium member you can create Pocket Queries. There are some great tools out there, such as GSAK, for managing the downlaods. These utilities will do exactly what your looking to do.

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