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Awww, thanks everyone. ;) It's been an amazing (still-ongoing) time in Cape Town. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't make the Otter, since I'm only on day three of hiking around the peninsula, en my lyf is die moer in vir my.


Thanks to cownchicken and AndyT1 in particular for slogging along on Frodo's Journey. Due to some poor planning from my side I didn't quite manage to get my #2000 on Frodo, but in the end it is just as well, since I discovered afterwards that I miscalculated anyway - I logged two caches that I thought I didn't... :unsure:

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Thanks guys - miss my South African caching buddies. I see that so many of you are really scooting along - caching is certainly alive and well in SA. Congrats to Paddy who also screamed past 1800 - we continue to run fairly parallel.


Most of my caching here is by myself and Winter certainly slowed things down with so many of the caches buried. Winter is near the end now so hopefully my caching opportunities will improve. The area I am in is very rural and has few caches so any caching involves a significant drive so some planning always required.

Safe caching to you all.

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Well done to Cincol who held off his 1000 until he could make it back home. Had a great but small event on Sat mornogn and celebrated with him.




Eish - only saw this now. Thanks a lot for arranging the Event and to the KZN cachers who attended. Was great to meet some new faces and catch up with some of the older ones too.

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