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Thanks for all the good wishes. We are home and the going will be slow for the next while. We set out on our holiday with the intention of just reaching the 3000 milestone, but thanks to all the wonderful caches out there it just spurred us on and on! Thank you SA Geocachers (and exPats) for all your placings. Keep up the excellent standard of cache placings (and keep them coming! [:blink:])


We would like to congratulate all the other recent achievers out there. Well done!

And, a very special mention must be made of the TVM's who had a bumper time (and in quick time!) achieved their milestone of 3500. Wow!

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Well done to DiePienaars on reaching the 1000 mark, was a pleasure to be at the event with you celebrating your achievement. Well done.


To iPajero on the 3500 well done an amazing achievement and interesting to note that TVM has finally passed you. But I can expect December things will change again and we will see more milestones coming your way...

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Well done to Wormgeocash on reaching 1000 and Wally for reaching 600!!

Well done guys!!


Our congratulations go to Wormgeocach on your 1000 finds, as well as to Dakardrix and Wally on your milestones, too.


:yikes: Very well done to you all and may you continue having lots of fun finding plenty more!


Congratulations to :


boerseun - 250;


Wildbirds - 850;


W@lly - 600;


KeithWood - 1050;


CrystalFairy - 2600




5_star - 50 !


Thank you all and congrats to all others on your milestones!!

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Congratulations to :-


B and C Inc - 250;


rodnjoan - 1100;




Team_Olo - 550 !

Thanks Worm, stats is not our target, seeing the brilliant places that we never knew exist, meeting new interesting people etc, etc has been a great ride :D I can only thank LeonSt for introducing us to this wonderfull hobby. :D

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Antron - 1200 (while looking after one of our Abu Dhabi cachers too!!!!) =

RedGlobe - 1500 - great to see the Earthcache master getting out and about too =

DamhuisClan - 700 - glad you are out from behind your PC (or did you get a laptop or iPhone :anibad: ) =

Bergleeu - 50 - good to see the cache count going up - hope you are featured on Podcacher podcast again soon for your 100!

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Redglobe - 1500 - Nice Pine.... you gonna run short of caches soon.

Antron - 1200 - Well done Antron. How many times I have bumped into your little calling card....

Damhuisclan - 700 - Well done guys.... finally another big number falls.

MadSons - 150 - Well done on the 150, nice to bump into you at Hein's view this weekend.

Bergleeu - 50 - Well done that is an amazing achievement. I never look at caching quite the same anymore after meeting you at the CITO and Braai afterward.

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Some more numbers to celebrate. Well done guys.


iPajero - 3650

Wormgeocash - 1050 (Nice kids you have, watching me struggle on Pop-up, LoL)

Leon St - 750

Rhino and Hedgehog - 750 (Finally - come guys been missing you out there)

Team_Olo - 650

B and C Inc - 350 (Great to see you at my home cache the other day)

Ghappie - 50

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