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Well done on your 300 Cism!! :)


It is our 6th birthday today - malo mystery pointed this out to us in an e-mail he sent to us today.

Strangely enough it was also on a Monday.

We have had such a wonderful time caching - we have seen fantastic places and learnt so much from it.

Just watch us once we retire! :o

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Very late well done Happy Hunters... That was very quick. I recently added some of your caches to my list. Well done, although you might want to look at the first one I did.... log sheet was very damp....

Thank you for the good wishes Wayne!


Unfortunate about the Park in Green cache! This is the 3rd container we have tried to use at this location. The first was a effervescent container that kept on getting wet. The next one we tried was a film canister that got washed out of the hole every time it rained. The hole in the tree just fills up and it just washes away. The one you found was the one with the weight in it and big enough not to wash out. Just not water resistent enough :lol:

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Been a while that I went through these. But here are a few recent milestones. Well done guys.


Discombob - 1650

Happy Hunters SA - 550

hosta - 350

Fier - 250

Shaka & Shakespeare - 250

Mataqwan - 200

Sevil - 200

ECMJ - 200

Nadia & Co. - 150

Sven & Nadine - 100

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Well done to Ysbeer... finally reached the big 500. Been waiting for that for a while.


Also to Fish Eagle on the 1450 while caching in my area.... well done.


And not published yet I believe Redglobe will be over 1250 as well.

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Well done to Ysbeer... finally reached the big 500. Been waiting for that for a while.



Thanks Wazat! It's been a bit slow lately, but we're getting there...


Yep once I was chasing you now you are far behind.... Hee hee... Even old Rhino has me biting at his heels.... But that will change soon I hope.... hee hee.... Time to make the big guns worry.... 1000 here I come. LoL. :)

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