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Well done to the following milestones:


Arwen_SA 50 - Wow just the other day i was chasing this great stuff

HeKaBr 100 - Sweet 3 figures at last

cincol 150 - Well done my friend, considering Qatar has little caches for you to find, and finaly you catch up to me.

Carlstein 200 - Ah one day i will be there one day... lol

Rodnjoan 300 - Exactly double mine, but there are two in your team so we have the same LOL, well done good stuff.

And a big congrats to Nish4 on the half century, well done. 500 is a lot of caches.....

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Congratulations and best wishes to Carlstein, iPajero and Nish4 on their super milestones - very well done to you all.


Congratulations also to all others who have achieved recent milestones -Rodnjoan, Cincol, ArwenSAwell, HeKaBrdone and anyone else we may have missed!


:rolleyes: We are thrilled for you all and wish you many more happy days finding those elusive little boxes

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Thanks Wazat :rolleyes:


If it weren't for my visits to SA and other countries I would NEVER be able to get any decent figures. Of teh 70 odd caches in Qatar over 50 ar MINE!!! :D I just wish more people would hide caches in the desert rather than just look for them. :) I have now joined the Qatar Natural History Society so hopefully I will be able to "convert" a few of them to cachers in teh near future and get them to start hiding caches as well. :D


Have a great caching week everyone - I am heading home on Saturday so my caching in SA is done for now - until the next time! Greetings to all those I managed to meet at the 3 events that I attended while I was here - WWFM III - World's View, BBB and Keepers of the Cache.

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Congratulation to the following cachers, enjoy it.


Wormgeocash with 100, only 2800 to go in South Africa and about 500 000 more in the world. :)

Henzz, radebuddyz, delboy1203 with the 50 achieved, you are now on your way to the 100. It comes quicker than you think.

Carlstein – well done on the 200 caches. The next major one is close by.


Well done,


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IPajero well done and congratulation with your high number of finds.


Please give us your travel plan – at the rate you are finding them you are going you run out of caches. :(:) Maybe we should travel in front of you and start hiding caches just to make sure that there is enough to find. I read your logs – it looks like you had quite a trip – some very nice caches and locations are on you list. You must enjoy this a lot.


I also note that there are a lot of other milestones reached. You have achieved 23 finds on one day which is your best up to date. Well done on this as well.



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