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Congratulations to the following two cachers:


Neville Bailey 200 (Well done mate that came along nice and quick)

Urban Hunters also on 200 finds.


Ooops just saw that rodnjoan also passed through 200 finds without us noticing.

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Thanks, Wazat! :anicute:


I chose a really good cache to celebrate my 200th today - Constantia Peak (GCR2M8)! It was a hard slog up the mountain, but it was really worth it! The views from the top are amazing - especially of Hout Bay, the Sentinel and Chapmans Peak Drive (from above!). Although the visibility was great, the wind was blowing gales up there and I battled to stand up sometimes - even taking pictures was a major effort!


I did two other caches up there as well, including the oldest active cache in the country - Sentinel View (GC185), and Skyline Path (GCWHZJ).


On Saturday I head back to KZN via Colesburg - I'll see if I can bag a few more in the Karoo on the way...

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Thanks Carbon Hunter.... I was going to go for it but then I have a special one or two that I want to do the 100th on but it is all a question of timing for them now as they are going to involve some significant hikes. Of course if a FTF is in order for my area I might just go for that. I was planning on getting a whole lot more in JHB but I was pushed for time and I got stuck on what would have been no. 99 at the Duka. But after a fruitless search with time running out I instead went for Magnimous revisited. Finding that almost by mistake. Then it was a quick drop off at my Sundowner cache basically at sundown.

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Congrats on the 100 timo1977. Almost beat you to it. Battled with one of your hides last weekend, the one at The Duka. I suspect a conspiracy here cause if I found that one I would have been at 100. But all is well 100 will have to come on the top of a mountain. The same one that was due to be my 50th.

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Thanks TV&M. It took a long time in my area as it is a very cacher void place. And "hint hint" lacking in cache placements by the local cachers. There are plenty places that caches can be placed here but the people they not doing that. Anyway.... Thanks again. I am looking forward to the next century. Hopefully I will reach it quicker. Than the last.

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Thanks Larks, Carbon Hunter and DiePienaars.


Was a long time to get it but I finally made it.


Did a FTF on a cache placed some 80km from home. Colling's Pass (GC18VAT). Turned out to be much too easy to find but the problem was to retrieve the cache. The long arm groping under a rock on the edge of a steep embankment was just a bit much.

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Congratulations to the following cachers on achieving BIG milestones:


Wazat – 100 finds (now for the next 100, will we wait a loooong time for it?)

Brick – 600 finds (Just when I think I am closing in on you…..Eich)

Cache Fan – 900 finds (Glad to be there on a FTF and the big 900)

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