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Congratulations Seeker625 don't worry I only have 26 but I was just as stoked to get to 25. 50 is my next goal obviously but I hope it comes quicker than 25 did. Problem is I have found all but 2 caches in my area. Those 2 I am leaving to do with friends. So to get up to 50 I will be doing some long distance traveling. That is unless someone comes and places more caches in my area..... Hint Hint....

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don't worry I only have 26 but I was just as stoked to get to 25. ................... So to get up to 50 I will be doing some long distance traveling. That is unless someone comes and places more caches in my area..... Hint Hint....


Wazat - having 26 caches so close to home - what a pleasure!


Come join us here in Qatar. In the entire country we have 30 caches, of which 4 are archived and 1 which is inside a restricted US Military Zone for US military personell only. Of the balance 5 are MY caches, so that leaves me with 20 to find. Considering the country is 140km North to South and 75km East to West, theoretically one can circumnavigate the country in 1 day. But here is the catch, many caches require 4x4 vehicles to find and then the ones placed in the desert are only accessible in the winter due to the sand being too difficult to drive over when it is too hot.


So fellow cachers - please bring caches with when you visit Qatar so that we have more to look for after you leave here!! Jokes aside - this is a caher's paradise - just such a pity that we have so few caches and cachers.


Happy caching.

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Haa haa.... If only those 25 caches were close to home. I usually have to travel over 100km to get to the nearest town for a few caches. In Newcastle we now have a total of 5 of which 2 are mine. Then just out of town 25 to 50 kilos another few mostly mine. Then 10km out of town some more of mine. Nope most of them 26 caches are very far from home for me. I should be adding another six or so finds at the end of the month when I go to the Drakensberg, another 250 kilos away. I probably am worse off than you. You are close to UAE and Dubai are you not? There are over 70 in that area. I have a friend over there who has just started. Maybe you can contact him. michaeldb is his profile name.

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You are close to UAE and Dubai are you not? There are over 70 in that area. I have a friend over there who has just started. Maybe you can contact him. michaeldb is his profile name.


Wazat - unfortunately to get to the UAE one has to travel through Saudi Arabia from Qatar - a BIG no-no! Otherwise one has to fly - just over an hour - and then rent a vehicle there and stay in an exorbitantly expensive hotel. Not on. I will be visiting a friend in Oman soon, so will add a new country and caches to my list.


I will contact michaeldb. Happy caching. :anibad:

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Hi Wazat,


Hopefully I will find a few of your caches on Saturday next week - I will be on my way to the Kruger Park from PMB, via Newcastle and Volksrust. I've saved all the caches near the route.


Hi Neville, please let me know when you will be passing through. You can maybe give me a call. My card is in my caches. Maybe we can meet up for a quick cup of coffee.

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Well done Cow and Chicken on finding 1000 caches!




You guys have really done so well, and played in such good spirit all the way! It has been an absolute pleasure to have been caching with you over the past couple of years!


A hearty CONGRATULATIONS is in order!


Keep up the youthful spirit for another 1000!!!!!

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Congratulations are in order on the following two achievements attained on their whirlwind tour of my part of the world. They managed some 26 caches in two days.


B. Whelan - Reaching 200 finds early in the tour

Noddy reaching 800 finds towards the end of the tour....


Well done guys I wish I could have been around to meet you guys. I was in the meantime trying to get to 3 of your's in the PMB, Howick and Mooiriver areas.

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Congrats on the 50th i'm aiming at mine on Saturday on top of Amajuba Plateau along with Neville Bailey and his 100th. After that we will be having some good celebrating to do at my event cache at Utrecht campsite. Northern KZN Get Together.


The geocachingranking website seems to be on the blink. Hopefully QFC will get it sorted out soon. I understand they/he was away for a bit.

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There are a few up in Newcastle area that you haven't got yet. Lets see you need 5. Hime Bridge, Maria Ratschitz, Wimpy Waterside, The Pines and Baboon Rock are all relatively easy to get to. Then 100th on Majuba. But my little lad is wanting to put down a cache or two under his name so I have two quick and easy places that I suggested to him not far from our home. So maybe you could leave Maria Ratschitz and Baboon Rock for later as they are a little off the route, although I would recommend Maria Ratschitz as one to do on the way up. Look it isn't far out the way but the roads may be a bit muddy from Thursday nights predicted rain. My car is in for a service on Friday so I will be in Newcastle should you need my help.

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If you are to get there for 8:30 am then you could do Hime Bridge (6:00 am), Wimpy Waterside(6:45 am), and check for two that my son will be leaving in Newcastle (7:00 am). You could also fit in Baboon Rock (7:20) and maybe Crash Cache (7:35) as they are are the other way round to Majuba (8:15 am). Not to worry these are all park and grab roadside types. But Wimpy Waterside should wake you up as you will have to get your feet wet. The water level has risen. But to be safe, bargain on at least one in Newcastle that my son will place, because that will be an all hours one. The other one might not be. I just hope we can get them listed in time for you. I have ordered my new GPS, Vista HCx (Thanks to who, I wonder), which hopefully will be here by Thursday. Otherwise it will be a Google earth approximation.


But please feel free to do others in the week we don't want you to miss the hundred should one of these on this side not be there anymore. In fact the two that Josh is going to place is his suggestion for me to try get my 50th on Majuba. But I will wait till Friday for them should I get others to find in the next few days. He realizes my plight even at his tender age of 10. I only have two caches left to do in this area and Majuba is one. The other I think has been muggled.... DNF the last time I looked for it.


Hey and I just noticed with a bit of planning, DiePienaars can hit 250 Finds. So we can reach 3 milestones together. Guess we have to drag a bottle of bubbly up there.

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Thanks, Noddy!


In fact, I was planning to get my 100th at the Northern KZN Event on Saturday. I got my 99th in Mtunzini (Fat Cat) today - I then sat down for lunch and then saw Colinaly's plea for someone to pick up his Race TB at another cache, only a few km's from where I was at the time! So I thought - do I ignore his plea so that I can time my 100th for Saturday? Not a chance!


So we'll have a belated celebration on Saturday, together with Wazat's 50th and DiePienaars' 250th...

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Well done! :huh::o


I certainly envy you. We both started our geocaching "careers"at the same time and you are on 100 already. How I wish we had the same opportunities here that you have in KZN! I have 28 caches in 4 different countries and will battle to get 100 in 2 years! I got every cache in Sri Lanka bar 1 and only have 4 more to find in Qatar and I have them all here. The other 20 are mine that I have placed for others to find! :lol: I left some in Bahrain so that I have something to work towards on my next visit. At least there are a few to look for in UAE and Oman, but getting there is the problem! :o


I hope to bolster my numbers in December while in SA for 2 weeks. :huh:


Happy caching and enjoy your weekend up Majuba!

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