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Upgrading: Etrex Vista -> Legend/vista C?

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I've had my eTrex Vista for a few years now that I got from GpsDiscount.com and it's served me real well. The only complaints I have with it is the small screen when driving with it in my Jeep - I often have to take it off the mount and pan/zoom in when I'm driving in an area that I'm not familiar with. When GeoCaching or hiking in the woods it sometimes loses it's signal under tree cover that really isn't that bad.


I'm not sure how often I used the barometric altimiter. I've used the electronic compass when walking in circles when getting within 50 feet of a cache but using my head and thinking like the cache owner hiding it usually works better.


I have some MapSource products so I'd like to stay in the Garmin line. I also like the small size of my Gpsr - it's tiny size lends itself to being taken many places just so that I can document that I was there...


So I was thinking about getting the Legend C or Vista C and giving my Vista to my little sister who is an outdoor freak and likes to geocache as well. I would mostly use its replacement for hiking/geocaching but I would use it for a fair amount on the city. The autorouting feature is especially nice in the concrete jungle. I just want to make sure that the higher resolution screen is more readable at arm's length - if it's not then I may just have to get a 2nd GPSR strictly for the Jeep.



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i am *ahem* over 30, and love the color screen on my vista c. i don't even have the patience to try and figure out what i'm looking at with older or b&w screens when i look at friends' gps readings. i replaced a VERY old gps with this vista c, after a lot of research, and haven't regretted it for a second!

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I love my Vista C. I use it for driving (autorouting is great), hiking (the electronic compass is essential), and biking (the altimeter is great for tracking profiles of a route).


I have never used a real car GPRs (like the StreetPilot) but I am sure that these would be better adapted for driving. However, you could not bring them hiking...


My conclusion: if you want a very good "general purpose" GPSr, go with the Vistac C.

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