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I'm brand new to it also. I got an Explorist 500 because I wanted a GPS, didn't think I'd want to do this geocaching stuff, but I wrote down 2 in southern NJ where I was going to be camping. Just wanted to see how this Geocache Manager worked.


Couldn't find the first one, but found the 2nd. When I got home I registered so I could log it.


I found my 2nd one yesterday, and have printed out some Benchmarks to go looking for.


I can't afford to go running around though... figures I get my GPS a few days before gas SKYROCKETS.

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Welcome to our wold! You'll find you never have enough time to cache. I wish I could cache all day long but I have to work, and on weekends I have to do things around the house so I don't have nearly the amount of finds I would like to. I know I must find them all, and I know I can't find them all in just one weekend so this is an excercise in patience for me. But I'm not at all addicted! :P

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