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Broke Down


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I broke my leg 3 weeks ago just got my gps so im stuck until about 3 or 4 more weeks  :D  :D  :D  :laughing:  i just think god everynight im not in a wheelchair permantly

Howdy deerslayer2 - Sorry to hear about the broken leg. How long are you going to be in the wheelchair? You should be able to get onto crutches soon, I hope. At least that way, getting around would not be so constrained. John (my husband) broke two fingers on the job - they wouldn't let him back on the job till 6 weeks had pasted! But, he was able to get out & do things in that time frame....broken fingers and all.


In the meantime, to check out your new GPSr (what kind did you get?)...set a 'waypoint' somewhere outside...go away from that site several hundred feet....now set that waypoint as a 'goto' & see just how close it will take you. By the time that you can go get your first cash, the weather will be getting really nice and the practice with your unit will be to your advantage.


We do not have many caches in our area that we have not placed. I guess that we really got this area started, there are now about three other people here who hide caches. Not many though.


Criminal, That was a great day you had, frustrations aside. Beautiful pictures! & great story.


Shirley of 2oldfarts

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I don't think we've ever broken anything (human or mechanical) while caching, but I did fall twice while looking for the same Geocache (Contact Cache in Hillsboro) and in doing so fell on my (then) brand new Meridian, scratching the bezel.


Yep, fell twice in under two minutes. My leg was tangled in some vines and they were so fine (fine vines?) that I didn't see them, even after the first fall. I really thought the old man was tripping me. I think better of him now.

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I broke my leg 3 weeks ago just got my gps so im stuck until about 3 or 4 more weeks  :D  :D  :D  :D  i just think god everynight im not in a wheelchair permantly

Depending on the terrain, you can cache from a wheelchair. A one-star rating is supposed to be accessible; there's really no need to wait for the cast to come off if you look for smooth, even terrain. Good luck! :D



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Open internal reduction and fixation of left distal femur (figure it out for yourself). Crutches for 3 months, was not allowed any load bearing but could ride the bike. Hop on and don't stop for 10 miles or so. And I had a new GPS for 2 days and smashed it with a big rock while taking a picture - note to self don't put the GPS on the ground. Garmin was really nice and had pitty on me and replaced it for free.

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