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Time Spent: Forums Vs. Geocaching

Pablo Mac
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I feel like I spend way too much time in the forums compared to actually getting out there and hunting and placing caches. On the other hand, I see many others here with many more forum posts than I have. If you feel like you spend more time reading and posting in the GC Forums, get on the couch and talk about it here.




- Pablo Mac

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I live in the forums because Iof the small town i live in. It does have many geocache's and does not get new ones often. In order for me to geocache anywhere I have drive 30 or so minutes and use ALOT of gas. Since gas prices are up, no traveling, no geocaching. I am however going to an event tomorrow!! I am in charge of catering for Geowoodstock4, we are having a planning meeting and I will have to take a loan out to buy gas to get there ;) .

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I cache Saturday and Sunday mornings, when conditions permit. Those are my opportunities. Forumming is not in a position to interfere with caching.

Weekends are for caching. During the weekdays I'm too busy, so when I have a minute I stop here and check the posts of people who are getting out more than me. ;)

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Time Spent: Forums Vs. Geocaching, Are You a Forum Addict?


I feel like I spend way too much time in the forums compared to actually getting out there and hunting and placing caches.

Yes I think I'm a forum addict... well actually i'm an internet junkie, the forums being of a couple things I check while online.

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I often find myself grabbing up a Pocket Querie and while I plop them into my PDA & GPSr, I take a quick peek at the forums. More than once I have given my watch that glassy-eyed stare and realize most or all of my available caching time has been...well, not wasted, but spent in the forums talking about caching rather than actual, real-live caching.


It seems I am not alone. Oh, here comes another forum addict!


"Pull up a chair and tell us about yourself. That's right, we care. We care enough to put off caching in order to help you out. Let's start with a discussion on..."

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I hardly ever read or post in the forums. I've been a member for over a month now and this is only my 282nd post!


I read and post at work and at times when I'm not likely to be caching anyway. Or at times (like now) when I should be mowing the lawn or something of that sort. :laughing:


I'll likely get out and grab maybe 3 caches today - maybe more, maybe not. I really need to start getting together a list of caches to do when I go to Montana next week. A few along the route and a few for when I'm there. Sigh......... work, work, work.

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The forums are way too addicting.

Too slow, too slow, too slow. Must have more, faster. I've got two browser windows open with...let's see...fifteen tabs open in one, and five in the other. About half of those are discussion forums or blogs. And in about half of those, I am currently engaged in mortal combat over some trivial issue or other. I periodically walk down the list and refresh each page.


Of course, I am slightly more discreet at work. I have about half that many sites open.


Wow. I'm kind of a loser.



(Today, I emailed that horrible, vile, disgusting graphic at the top of the thread to everyone I know. I wish I'd drawn it. Most agreed it was a pretty good likeness).

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