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New Camping Proposal

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Yes, I know we haven't formally started accepting proposals yet, but under the Camping one I would like to suggest one for good campgrounds. There has been discussion in Australia about how this could be a great directory to find things if done correctly.


I know some great campgrounds here in South Australia, and have placed caches at some to encourage people to go there. A waymark category would be good as well.

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I suggested a "Great Campsite" category in the first days of the Waymarking site...I think it's a great idea! I don't really care who owns/manages the category, but would love to see it adopted as a category or sub-category.



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I go to Bluegrass Festivals. Some are in parks, others on fair grounds, and one is on a working farmland (except for the festival). We have to Camp to be at them, but that's just the ways and means. I'd like to see a subcategory where these few annual events could fit.


I go to a few each year, same weekend of the year, same location, and there are many like them. Not sure if there are other types of annual music festivals that work the same way, but I'd like to find a place for annual events.

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Well, as Park Rangers in charge of 7 campgrounds... I'd like to suggest people look into camping with the Corps. The US Army Corps of Engineers have campgrounds all over the nation, usually attached to lakes formed by dams, and navigatible rivers and waterways. These campgrounds are usually well maintained and many are providing water and electric for RV hookups - as well as primitive sites for the tent campers who just want to get away from it all!. Let me remind you - this is YOUR tax dollars at work! If you enjoy recreation near water (fishing, boating, swimming, etc) then the Corps has a campground just for you!!! http://corpslakes.usace.army.mil/visitors/


Ranger TracksAll & Investigator I. Will Ketchum

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Success! A "camps" category has been added. Unfortunately, we need subcategories to begin posting waymarks. Any ideas? ;)

The above posts seem to have some good ideas.


There's lots of different types of campgrounds and camping places.


Family friendly, wilderness, event oriented...

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rescue557 -


One sub-category could be National Forest dispersed camping spots. I recall using such places a few years ago. Now that I'm beginning camping again, knowing the locations of some of these would be helpful.


The more obvious National Forest camp sub-category would be the established National Forest "developed campgrounds". The waymark for these should be the location of the campground's host where campers check in. <_<

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The Campgrounds subcategory is now live under the Camping/Hiking section. There aren't any subcategories as yet, we will see how it goes. Please share your favourite campgrounds or even bush camping spots (as we call them here in Australia anyway for the ones that aren't part of a formal campground) and let us know why you like them.


Hopefully then others can enjoy those special spots.

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