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Morning all,


A bit of help for a relative newbie. I travel the county for work and am getting to the paperless cache lark and have downloaded all the caches in the UK (some 7000 odd) and merged them into one list in GSAK. This file is about 50mb when I move it to my PDA's SD card and run GPX sonar the PDA locks out as I imagine the file is too big.


My question is how do I in GSAK break this file down into manageable chunks, that is easy to understand. I could just load all the PQ files but they would not be in any sort of order and would take ages to find the correct one. I was trying to sort the big file into about 5 smaller ones broken down alphabetically - Is there any easy way of doing this ???


Many thanks

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What I tried doing, was to create a pocket query of 500 centred on a cache in one are (e.g. Birmingham). Then I created another based on a cache in Manchester and then another in Leeds.


I then gave each GPX file a name like Brum, Man, Leeds etc. These files can then be loaded onto your PDA and you just pick the file which suits the area your actually in. I had no problems with GPXSonar using it this way but I did find trying to load 2,500 files in one GPX file pretty much killed it :blink:


I'm sure though, that someone who knows a lot more about GSAK, will be able to tell you a better way to do it without having to create a load more pocket queries. (Ireally need to read the "instructions" :o )

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Surely unless you cover vast distances it is best to break the files down to areas as has been sugggested. I don't quite understand why you would sort by difficulty when you can sort by distance from centre and can have any number of filtered files.


I have the whole set (well all those that I am likely to visit, i.e. within 300 miles of home) in GSAK as a master file then filter that down to those within 30 miles of any centre I am likely to be in and save the filtered file, then download that to the PDA as a .gpx file and also for TomTom. This is much easier to search and less cumbersome if I use GPS Spoiler.

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I do indeed travel from Plymouth to Aberdeen. The reason for wanting all caches is so If I take a break and one shows up on my tomtom radar I can at least see if its worth going for if I am only stopping for half an hour en route. I have solved it sorting them by difficulty so I now only have 5 files to search for any cache in the country.

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I'm in the process of writing a document about managing your PocketPC resources to allow it to run smoother and more efficient it is nearly in a stage for someone to look over it so if there are any takers at doing this I'll be please to forward you a copy in PDF format.


Milton (aka moote)

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I don't think this is a size problem. We successfully had over 500 caches in one file for a whole week using it heavily. Then went and did 20 caches in Liverpool and it broke with the xml parser error. We have not been able to work out the cause. We know put 2 copies of the file on the PDA with different names so if one gets corrupt we still have the other one.

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I am sure it is not a physical size problem on the SD card. I believe it is either the RAM runs out of puff or the PDA equivalent of a swap file gets full. It is now coping fine with 15mb files I have made anything over 20mb it falls over and dies.

Wait for my guide that will give you some idea of how to preserve memory on your PocketPc so that it handles larger files better. There are many things that are not always apparent about the PocketPC and these are some of the issues which I am trying to help people on here with.


I'm also thinking of adding a section on WAP access for around £30 :blink: to help lessen the expensive GPRS connections, and goodies which help and improve the PPC, but all thatwill be in the second version


Milton (aka moote)

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Learned Gerbil wrote:

I think an 8Mb Palm such as the IIIxe would cope with the whole UK in main memory.

I wish it would, but unfortunately it won't. Right at the moment I happen to have 509 caches in CacheMate in my IIIxe, and the database file is 1.89 meg. So that suggests a maximum of somewhere around two thousand caches.

Emmmm 2000 caches I have run around 2500 with complete ease on a PocketPC using GPXSonar, I'm sure it will run more I'll create some files of varying sizes with GSAK and report back


Milton (aka moote)

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Not being familiar with the Palms you're talking about here I'd just like to add the following:


CacheMate supports storing the 'main' database on a memory card.


Now if you could obtain a Palm cheaply that accepts SD (or other) memory cards you'd probably get over your restriction.


e.g. I run an iQue 3600 with a 512mB SD card and on it (apart from City Select 6 - whole of Europe roadmaps) I have 6000+ Trig points and 7000+ caches.


To limit the Palm file size you can adjust the 'previous logs' export from GSAK to something like 10.



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