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Logging In To Waymark Site.

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Even when I am logged in to the site, if I click on the "find" or "create" links, I am presented with a pop up screen that asks me to log in again. This is a problem because I use a password manager and those programs only fill in log in screens that are browser windows. Pop up windows don't work. If I want to use either the find or create functions, I have to stop, go find my master list of generated passwords, find and write down the 12 character password for Waymarking, go back to the pop up box and enter it manually. This is a real pain.


As more people use these password programs to manage and generate passwords, this will become a real issue.


Can you make these links open in another window, rather than a pop up. OR if we are logged into waymark.com, why can't we access the find and create links without having to log in again?



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