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The Case Of The Missing Cache


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Crime is a terrible thing, apart from being against the law, it also causes a considerable amount of inconvenience to the victim.


In the case of the missing cache, the theft of a cache (not sure if this could qualify as a crime), not only causes a considerable amount of inconvenience to the owner of the cache, but also to the larger victim circle - cachers trying to find the cache.


Off-course caches are not only stolen, they can perish in veld fires, degrade in the harsh SA sun, be swept away in floods or plainly grow legs and walk to join the socks on the Trekker(?) ad.


There is not much point to this post (as you might have gathered by now), but I am a victim who has lost 4 caches out of 10 placed. I would also like to believe that they were well placed caches, except perhaps "Locomotion" which was in an area frequented by homeless people.


The others, were all failry impossible to be stumbled upon by a Geomuggle, safe from fire, flood or UV gedradation.


My only deduction, as a conspiracy theorist, is that we have a saboteur operating in the EC. You see, it is not only my caches that are disappearing, but others as well. Some of the others I have found and would also not categorise them as being easily stumbled upon.


Do not be surprised therefore, if the next cache I place, is a Chubb Mark III safe, bolted to a 5m3 concrete base, with 10 x m16 bolts, and submerged in the Churchill dam at a depth of 38,6m!


Caches I have lost:

Termite Hostel, Bulk River Dam, Darlingtom Dam and Locomotion.


I am most dumbfounded by Termite Hostel and Darlington Dam as both these were well of the beaten track.


On a more serious note, has anybody else experienced the disappearance of a cache that should be 99% safe from muggles?

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I use these (fairly expensive) Lock & Lock containers for my caches, just because these things are waterproof and fairly sturdy. At my Cullinan cache, someone decided to take the container and leave the Ziploc bag with all the goodies at the spot. I doubt it's muggles, as they would just take the whole thing. Very frustrating. :)

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Well, the sport has grown shown HUGE growth in South Africa. I can still remember placing my 1st cache ,GC163, (and the 1st in SA AFAIK) a couple of years ago.


It lasted a total of 11 days. One find by Jors, and then POOF, gone. I am planning some new caches and thinking of clever ways of securing the cache (combination locks etc etc) I don't think we can make this muggle proof, but at least we can make it difficult to raid.


Anyway, I'm just so excited about getting back into geocaching that the loss of one or 2 of my caches seems a fair price to pay.



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