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EU Geocoin - Final Call for Payment

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A big thanks to Alex for honoring my original request for 5 coins, which I submitted via the form on Sept. 8 but which apparently didn't get into the system (so he didn't know about the order). He managed to free up the coins for me, and I just paid.


Thanks, guy - you're not so Slytherin, after all. Can't wait to see the Eurocoins way over here in the Pacific NW! :laughing: Cache on!

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The ordering system seems to be failing... People are making orders but do not receive confirmations...

It's Sunday, and I do have a family and a life. B)


Your invoice has been sent @ 00:41 Monday morning.


Time for bed.


All orders received before 1:15am UK time (8:15 EST Sunday) have been invoiced)



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Shipping will be from 14th/15th October in the US if all goes to plan.  And 21st October for Europe.

Got my order form and paid. The Tribe is excited about receiving the coins. Thanks SlytherinAlex for all your work. We know it hasn't been a smooth road, but appreciate your efforts in making this one come together.

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The order book has now been closed. I need a few days to get all the shipping labels printed out before the coins arrive next week.


Would anyone who has still to pay their invoice, please do so now. Any orders still outstanding on Monday morning will have their allocations transferred to people on the wait list.


Thanks to everyone who has supported this project. I'm sure the final product will be worth waiting for.



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Mine are not here yet, but I see one has made its way to ebay already, lol!

Anyone who bids on that has got to be nuts. There are still plenty left at $9.00.


See the USA geocoins website in a couple of days to place your order.


Now, one of the six Gold versions struck, 0001 to 0005 and EUxxNY 0911. They might be worth having. LOL.

That is nuts. I also see some of the USA Geocoins that sell for $4.99 going for $10.50.


Anyways, the cat is out of the bag. USA Geocoins will be selling the EU coins for USA and Canadaian customers only.


If you aren't on the mailing list available from the site you may want to join so we can let you know once we put the EU coins up for sale. Should be sometime next week.


We first want to try to get through as many as the Compass Rose orders that we have to ship out. ;)

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