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Virtual Geocache Course In Dfp


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In order to complete my Eagle Project I contacted the forest preserve about an Eagle Project. I asked if there was anything I could do with geocaching. I was thinking setting up a bunch of actual boxes but they thought it would be a good way to break the ice if I set up a virtual geocache course. I have alread worked on it from 9-4 for 2 days. I have 4 themes and each theme has 6-10 locations. I was wondering what you thought of this project. I have tried to make the best questions for the caches as I can but it is hard for every single place. I was wondreing what you think of this and if you would acutally use it.



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... Puzzles and multis that don't require a degree in mathematics or cryptography are welcome!


Actually some of us do like the really hard puzzles. Indianapolis has a fair number of these. Just don't expect a lot of finders.


However, going back to the original question. It does depend on what you mean by a "virtual" course. Virtuals per-se are not allowed: generally you need a physical container at the end of the route. However a multi-cache (a puzzle cache) can have a bunch of virtuals before the final payoff. I have done a couple like this. Two pieces of advice. First, have multiple ways to solve the puzzle. In other words any given co-ordinate can be solved in one of two ways. Second, give a check-sum or some other indication that the solver has solved the puzzle correctly. That advice is especially good if you have a long multi or a complex multi.

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There are questions and once a person goes to the site and answers the question for the site like 'Who manufactured this cellar door' then finishes the rest of the virtual geocaches for that theme they go to Tri county and get their prize which might be the coords to a large geocache or just a patch.

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