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Anybody Heard Of Pyxis Gps Unit


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while surfing ebay I found this neafity unit for 99.00 below is the link. I have never heard of this unit below at all. its interesting is its sd/mmc and has something I haven't heard in a while dgps. I though mostly ships use this but I wonder why they included it in such a small unit. it has the ability for a usb external antenna for dgps.


it seems sony might have made it at one time from a google search.


anybody know any thing about these units.???


pyxis user manual



ebay unit for sale


thanks in advance

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I agree with RK that these are nothing special. Almost all GPS receivers these days are DGPS-capable, but that just means they'll accept the data from a separate DGPS receiver and use that to get higher accuracy. Even the yellow eTrex has that feature. You'd still need to get a separate DGPS receiver and antenna to generate the RTCM104 data and it'd only be useful if you're within range of a DGPS reference station. The availability of WAAS has made regular DGPS less of an issue for most users.

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after view their website, I'm still considering getting one off ebay for the heck of it. if you visit their website they also make a gps unit that tracks the gps satellites and the glosnoff (soviet gps system of satellites) all in one unit. its called the gg h16 unit. but after a e-mail to them its sells for 1900.00 us dollars. thats way out of my range for a dual satellite unit but nice that they make them now.


thanks for all the replies



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