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Novel Cache Ideas

Kit Fox

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I've also been thinking about making one of those looping flash animations (you know, badger, badger, badger...) and having the coordinates to the cache pop up after about 5 minutes, but only for a short amount of time. If you don't get it right away you could be watching it for half an hour. :cry:

Is it possible to watch that badger video for five minutes straight without having seizures? :cry:

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We had one around where I cache called Where's Waldo. The local cachers had business cards with Waldo on the front and coordinates on the back. He placed these cards in various hiding places around thye state and then left clues on our Caching website. For instance the one I found had the clue "sleeping at Freds under the wood" Fred's referred to Fred Meyers which is a chain in our area. After searching for more than a month I found the card in a tool shed outsdie of there on one of the rafters. As it turns out I was first to tind on this cache, but everyone had a good time trying to decipher the clues and find the cards. They became collectors items and were sought after as much as the cache. :cry:

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I have one of them motion sensing driveway alarms that you can also put in your rural mailbox to let you know when the mailman arives..

I t's battery powered, and has both a transmitter,and a reciever,I bought it at Lowes on a bargain table for about ten bucks.

now all I have to do is figgure out an evil way to use it

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