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How awesome of all you peeps. A big THANK YOU for what you do to protect us! I tried for the MOHP but didn't make it. Passed all the physical and pshcyo tests but they contacted me stating my scores weren't high enuff. Go figure! LOL. Have always wanted to be a cop of some kind. Maybe some day my dream will come true. Heehee THANK YOU again for all that you do!

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Lets see, started out in law enforcement by being pressed into service as Naval Security Police at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico in about 1978. Did that for two years till I got out of the Navy. (Each division had to give up some folks to go be trained to be the base police as there was a restriction on hiring the usual "rent a cops" to do the base policing, never did figure that one out).


Got out in 1980, joined the McKinney Police Department in McKinney, Texas, spent till 1991 there on patrol, then hired on with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston, Texas. My dad already worked there and he talked me into coming down for a visit. I was hooked and immediately put in an application. Got hired two months later. Never looked back. Been there for 15 years now, been a Sergeant for the past eight and a half years.


Still lovin' it after 27 total years!!



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Just shy of 31 years, :blink: retired at the end of June 2005. Patrol, Community Policing, D.A.R.E. officer for 6 years, OC & Firearms Instructor, EMT. 10 years volunteer FF and 3 years Rescue.

Miss the people I worked with and the community, not the paperwork and scum of the earth.

Only profession where you can retire and automatically be certified in the medical field as a proctologist...guess all those years of working with A**$#@^'s paid off afterall! :lol:

A fair number of other retired and active LE 'cachers here in NNJ.


As Phil Esterhaus used to say, "Hey, hey! Let's be safe out there!"

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I majored in Police Science at New Mexico State University in the 70s and was a sheriff's deputy for about a year. Couldn't stand the politics so I started trucking and and 28 years later am now a Safety and Compliance manager for a trucking company which kinda brings the two fields together.


Check out these two caches. They are at a New Mexico State Police office in Raton, NM GCKY0A and a fire station in El Paso, TX.GCJPJW. Both with the permission and support of the officers and firefighters.

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I've been a police officer for a little over 3 years now at a small police dept. in southern Indiana. I love this job and look foreward to going to work almost every day.


I've been caching for about a year and having knowledge of where the local caches are has helped me out once when we received a call from a citizen thinking that someone had a drug stash hidden in a park across from his house. I had been at that same location the night before looking for a newly placed cache. I explained the situation to him and he seemed to think our hobby was a little strange.



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Former part time cop in KY- about 10 years service- miss it a lot. Also was Captain of Water Rescue in Boone County KY for several years. Tried VFD here in IN for a few years, but I am definitely NOT meant to be a firefighter.


I spend most of my waking hours now keeping the State Police (and numerous other agencies throughout Indiana) talking on the new state-wide Smart Zone® system. I still feel real close to them taking care of their radios.

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Wow :lol: Suprised to see so many Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire types in one spot !!!


Me, I was a Paramedic 8 years. 6 on the ground and 2 in the air (helicopter). Decided I wanted to drive instead of riding and quit to go to school to be a pilot. Ended up in the blood banking industry (long story).


My wife of 16 years is still a medic, though.

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27+ years as a cop; 6+ years as a firefighter. I've been beaten, choked, kicked, lied to, burned, taken advantage of, and laughed at ... The only reason I stick around is to see what happens next!!! :D

I can sympathize! I am a FF/Medic with our volunteer department and I've been a psych nurse at a VA hospital for 15 years. The best one was when, in the middle of a fight with a nut, he managed to get his bare foot in the pocket of my scrubs and STOOD UP!! That's not something we train for.....later in the same fight, we finally got him down on the bed and managed to bend himself in half or something and bit me on the a**!


Better than television some days.....

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USAF Security Police (Law Enforcement Specialist) - 4 yrs

Georgia DOC Correctional Officer - 5 yrs

Georgia DHR Police Sergeant (Mental Hospital) - 2 years

Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer - 1 1/2 yrs

Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer - Almost 2 yrs now and my current position.


Any others out there trade patches, let me know....I've been known to stick some extras in caches every now and then.

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17 years a youth Correctional Officer British Columbia, Canada.

Wow. 17 years! We hold juvy's in my jail just long enough for a transport officer to come get them, and I'm usually ready to kick some kids butt before they leave for kid jail. I just let them know I'll remember them if come back after their 18th b-day. Usually shuts them up pretty quick!

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I've been employed for a southern Nevada fire department for 28 years. Have served as firefigher, paramedic and Crash Fire Rescue specialist. For the last 14 years I have served as a Fire/Arson Investigator and love it. As is the case for many fire departments in the western states we are POST certified LEOs and execute or own search warrents and arrest warrents along with performing PC arrests. I think it's the best of both worlds. I have also served as a Reserve Police Officer with two local police department.


My hat's off to each and every person who does any of these human service jobs. Stay safe. :ph34r:

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