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Help- No Emails Arriving!

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:D Since August 8th, we've not received any emails from our watchlist, or from logs of our own caches. We've tried to fix it ourselves - it's not a spam filter, or anything we can find with our email/security - which hasn't changed for ages anyway.

We get pocket queries and emails from other cachers still.

Has this happened to anyone else, and what can we do about it?


rev - n - doc

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What email software are you using? It does seem strange that some stuff is getting through. Can you recall if you did anything to your system on or about 7th/8th August? I looked at your profile and some of your caches have been found and logged. Have you had a look in your deleted items folder to see if certain emails are being automatically deleted?


If you are using Outlook (not Express) you can do an advanced find (Tools|Advanced Find) and enter in Search for the word(s): field "[LOG] Owner" without the quotes. Do that for each .PST file you have. Make sure that you are at the highest level so that all sub-folders are checked.


One other thing that springs to mind is have you sorted your email so that the most recent is not at the top of the list. Selecting the "From", "To" or "Subject" column or having the oldest shown first can "hide" new emails.


Good luck.



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