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Garmin Legend C Rubber Surround

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Check the text below which I cut and pasted from an older post. If you want to fix the unit yourself, the chap who used RTV silicone rubber seemed to have good luck.







"When the rubber strip on my eTrex came loose, I first tried using a product called “Shoe Goo” to glue it back. The rubber material in this strip is the very first thing I have ever found that Shoe Goo fails to stick very well to. It even sticks well to Teflon, but not to the rubbery material used on my eTrex.


The next thing I tried was plain old RTV silicone rubber, which seems to have worked very well. More than a year later, the strip is still firmly in place. "

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I concur with the above post about the RTV silicone. You can buy it at any automotive store or even at Wally World. The rubber around my Etrex Vista has come off a couple of times in the last couple of years and this stuff has worked great. Just make sure to remove the old sticky adhesive with some acetone or denatured alcohol before reglueing and you should be good to go.

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