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Pairing Camping And Geocaching


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It helps. Try USPS.GOV to find the zip for a city. You can also search on the coordinates of the city if you know them.


Another trick is that many people name caches after the park they are in. So if you're going to "Blackburn Forest State Park", do a keyword search on "blackburn" and see what comes up. If you get a hit, you can pull it up and see if it is in the correct park and if it is, do a "find nearest caches" search from that cache page.


Having a PDA with Cachemate or something similar really helps, as you can download the cache pages of all the caches in the area to your PDA and choose which ones to search for when you're there. No need to have stacks of paper to shuffle through.


There is a way of finding caches along a route using Pocket Queries and GSAK but I think you need to be fairly computer savvy to figure it out. Just search the forums for previous posts on that topic for instructions, as I don't know the details.

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We do this a lot and what we usually do is run a PQ for the destination area. I usually go wide enough to get the park and the surrounding area. I probably run a 10 or 15 mile radius. We seldom cache along the way unless we are stopping to spend a night somewhere. Dragging a thirty three foot trailer along makes parking a challenge sometimes.


Have fun!

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Okay, ya'll are making this cachemate sound really good! I need to update my pda, as I sold my old one on ebay. I couldn't see it anymore! Even at 28, my eyes are getting me!! LOL


Yes, we have a popup - and it too can be a challenge parking. But we are planning a longer trip for the spring, and I thought it would be fun to do some caching on the way.


Thanks for all the tips!


we are about to leave to go camping and caching. We just purchased another pop-up (this is our 4th! LOL). We are so excited!


See you all later - have a great holiday weekend.

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