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Happy Birthday Geocaching.com!


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Geocaching.com is now officially 5 years old today if you want to count the day that it was announced by Mike Teague in the GPSStash Yahoo Mailing list. At that time there were 75 caches in the world. The earliest wayback machine link from November 9, 2000 gives you an idea of the number of caches available at that time (and for some, what the site used to look like). Use a dropdown of the state and country list to see what was available then. Not many!


Anyway, Happy Bday web site entity!

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What did the frog do to the top of that muffin!!??!!


Oops, I mean, Woohoo! Geocaching! Yay! What are the kindergartens in that area of Seattle like? Is there a little league in the area? These are questions every good parent of a 5-year-old should be asking itself.

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I could give you my wife's anniversary card and present, but she might be, umm, not happy with me and, umm, withhold certain, umm, charms and stuff. :laughing:;):)


So, instead I'll just say thanks for the years of fun. I hope you actually get to go caching more in the next 5 years instead of playing nursemaid and kindergarten cop.

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Happy B-day to Geocaching.com.


This site has given us many opportunities to meet new people that we wouldn’t otherwise meet, and to do something good for our communities through CITO.


It has also brought families together and has gotten people off the couch and into the outdoors.


Thank you!!


El Diablo

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Happy birthday! And thanks for the peek into the Wayback Machine. I don't think it's coincidental that the site really gathered momentum after that, once hamstercaching was introduced.



Well except for that one unfortunate cold weather spell its been uphill ever since. Happy Birthday Geocaching.com and Long live the hamsters!!!

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